You know the moment.   Turning to that sweet, sometimes snotty-nosed face, you realize that the yellow boogers are not emerging from their usual orifice.   First thought that comes to mind is how highly contagious pink eye is, and then the wondering follows.  When did she catch it? What has she been touching in the house lately?

Of course, the inexperienced do not yet feel that wave of misery which comes next into the hearts of the battle-hardened parent, who knows what is to come.  Now I have to go to the doctor’s office, moans that inner voice.  And how am I ever going to pry her eyes open and get the medicine in there? Remember how bad it was the last time I tried to do this?  I’d rather pry the lid off 5-gallon bucket, de-skin a raw chicken, or turn a balloon inside out than try to part the Red Sea of those eyelids!

Yes, thanks to the magic pink eye fairy and her mission to spread pixie snot around the globe, you are now stuck with the prospect of having to fight off a creature suddenly most stubborn.

But have no fear! Lavender oil is here!  It’s as simple as this:

Step One: Mix a teaspoon or so of olive oil with a drop or two of lavender essential oil.  The quality of the oil is very important here, because it’s going in the eye, so use therapeutic grade if you can find some.

Step Two: Lay the baby down on her back.  Rub a tiny bit of the oil mixture across her eyelids, so she’ll shut them, and with the other hand, drop a bit of the mixture in the corner of each of her eyes.  Even if only one eye is infected, with  pink eye, you’re better safe than sorry.

Step Three: (and this is my favorite step) Baby will rub the oil into her own eyes while overjoyed parent does cartwheels around the room.  No more tears, no more fighting, no more frustration.  How great is that???

All this so that you, too, can lie away in the dark recesses of those receding pink eye nights, with a heart full of praise to a God so wonderful as to remember to liberally plant lavender seeds during the Creation!  Ah, yes! The boon to babies! The missive to mothers! The panacea to pink-eye plagued parentkind!  God bless the saint who figured out how to distill this plant’s oil!

It makes me want to get out the paintbrushes and paint an entire room light purple like some kind of mountaintop Maria Von Trapp.

My Eyes Are Alive With This Happy Crying!