We enjoy using Young Living essential oils in the bath, especially with the kids.  We usually choose a neutral or calming oil for them in the evening or when they’re not feeling well, and a neutral or invigorating scent if the bath must be  in the morning.  We’ve learned by experience that neutral or calming oils usually work best for kids, unless you don’t mind mopping bath water off the floor and chasing a naked, giggling kid through the house.  Our favorite bath time essential oils are Lavender (calming), Lemon (calm-invigorating) and Geranium (neutral).

I started using essential oils when I read on another blog that one family uses Geranium exclusively in their hot tub, and no longer found the need to use chlorine or chemicals.  They said they even tested their water and discovered that the chlorine from their city tap disappeared when they used Geranium essential oil.  Wow.  Chlorine-eating Geranium? I have no idea how that works scientifically, but that was good news to me and to my thyroid.  (See the original post and other posts about Geranium and hot tubs at http://www.oil-testimonials.com/essential-oils/231  )

I also feel good about using these oils with the kids… a lot better than I ever felt using bubble baths, fizz balls, or bath crayons.  One of my children kept getting infections from store-bought bubble baths, so we had to quit using them.  It’s really wonderful to know that these essential oils are actually beneficial to their health!