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Americans are unknowing victims of their own fluoride poisoning.  I feel that fluoride propaganda is especially harmful to individuals with thyroid conditions, whose health issues center around halogen difficulties.  At first, it was difficult for our family to change our fluoride paradigm.  After all, my husband and I had been well taught for years by dentists, parents, television, school and popular belief that fluoride was absolutely essential for the health of our teeth and bones.

It is a hard thing to have childlike faith shattered and see beyond the broken glass of one-way mirror.  How is it possible not to feel shocked and betrayed when you find greed and enmity sitting there,  unabashedly staring you back in the face?   It’s like a nightmare Wizard of Oz.  So I’ve learned the hard way that believing and doing just what you’re told is only possible if your messenger is worthy of trust.   I’ve stopped swallowing things whole and started using the brain and the power of choice God gave me.  There are a lot of lies out there, but the truth can still be found. I believe it’s a better thing to have your eyes wide open, seeing both good and evil, than to deny that there’s any other way and that something you’ve clung to might just be false.

The first thing to tackle in a fluoride-free life is the family’s drinking water.  Until the widespread fluoridation of American public water sources, the powerful aluminum industry had no where to dump their toxic waste.  Most regular water filters on the market that remove chlorine will NOT remove fluoride.  Reverse osmosis is said to remove fluoride, but many people take issue with the reverse osmosis process.  Distillation requires a fluoride filter.  For a while, we used a Berkey water filtration system, purchasing both the regular filter and the fluoride filter.  While the Berkey water was excellent, we found the filter costs prohibitive.  For now, we’re using reverse osmosis water from health and grocery stores.  I’d eventually like to get a whole-house system or relocate to an area with a unfluoridated water supply.

The second challenge was to overcome the fear of what would happen if we didn’t use fluoridated toothpaste and refused fluoride treatment for our children at the dentist’s.  I was therefore comforted to find the studies of Dr. Weston Price, DDS.  He spent a great deal of his life studying native peoples, their diets and their teeth.  I agree with his view that the main culprit behind tooth decay is the diet, specifically the American over-consumption of sugar.  Master Herbalist,  Dr. John R. Christopher held a similar opinion.

Nearly all tooth decay comes from the blood stream, saliva, and the inside of the teeth, not only from the external surface. The teeth deteriorate but it is from the toxic blood stream and the enamel-destroying toxic saliva which is a result of an impure (toxic) blood stream. If a child has good wholesome food and has been given a “good solid start in life” with a full healthy set of teeth and jaws, he can go through life without tooth problems. The condition of perfect teeth is, of course, dependent upon a continual use of wholesome and proper foods. [Herbal Home Health Care p.117]

Being therefore left with knowledge, one becomes accountable if one does not do what one knows.  We’ve tried to practice what we believe about teeth and nutrition.  So far, two of my three children have never had a cavity.  I’ve been able to find an excellent holistic dentist as well as a mainstream dentist who allow me to opt out of fluoride treatment.

What about toothpaste? Christ taught something about what happens when we abandon old practices without replacing them with new:

43 When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

44 Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished.

45 Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first…

– Matthew 12:43-45

We’ve had good luck replacing the tube of Crest with two other products.  Our family likes a toothpaste called Sea Fresh, marketed under the Jason label.  It’s an all-natural sea-sourced toothpaste, which my thyroid likes, too.  Be careful to buy the fluoride-free version of Sea Fresh, because it’s also sold in fluoridated form.  The other product we like, and which I actually prefer, is Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Tooth Powder.  It does take some getting used to using a powder instead of a paste.  You don’t have to spit it out, either, and considering the health benefits of the herbs used in the powder, it seems a waste to wash it down the sink.  We’ve found the tooth powder especially beneficial with little ones, who seem to gravitate toward eating toothpaste anyway.  My only beef with the tooth powder is that you must be sure to rinse.  With my busy life, I usually just grab the Sea Fresh if I know I’m headed out into the public for the day.

UPDATE 6/4/2015: The best mouthwash on the market, in my opinion, is by Dr. Richard Schulze of herbdoc.com. I like it because it contains a lot of the good stuff already contained in Dr. Christopher’s Herbal Tooth powder. There is also a new toothpaste out by Redmond, the makers of RealSalt. It is called Earthpaste… and it doesn’t get more basic than the ingredients they use! My kids like the Lemon flavor. My husband likes the Peppermint.

So there they are, my unconventional anti-fluoride living habits.  The thought police haven’t come to take away my birthday yet… guess  I’m getting away with it.