I was first introduced to Young Living essential oils by a good friend.  I had a lot of questions and she shared a lot of stories with me about her experiences with oils.  A story I remember especially well is the time my friend asked me to look at her hand.  I looked, but answered with some confusion that I didn’t see anything wrong.   She smiled and said, “I know!”  My friend then told me how she had been seriously burned in a kitchen accident.  She’s an RN, and knew immediately that it was a third degree burn because of the white ash and intense pain.  She’d heard about Lavender oil helping burns, and so she ran and got the bottle, dumping Lavender all over her afflicted hand. Over the next few hours and days, she continued to tend to the wound, anointing the burned area with lavender and changing the dressings.

I saw that hand!  There was no scarring, no discoloration, no puckering,  no sign whatsoever that anything that serious had ever happened to it.

Since that time,  our family has always used Lavender, immediately, on any burns, continuing to minister until the areas are healed.  Just like with my friend, there is no physical evidence on any of us, anywhere, to indicate that we’ve ever been burned, even though we have been.  For this and many other reasons, Lavender is an oil which I  particularly feel should never be left out of any first aid kit, bugout bag, or family food storage supplies.