I sometimes find it hard to explain myself to my mainstream peers. Forget about even trying to reason with the majority of allopathic doctors (MD), let alone any over-empowered and self-important government official.  It’s like none of them can see past their own eyes; if their eyes haven’t already seen it, then it must be wrong.  It’s not like I’m dancing around stark naked with a chicken bone through my nose, waving a voodoo doll in the air and shaking a gourd rattle.  Yet sometimes that’s just how I feel they are looking at me.

It’s all the problem of hubris, or should I say, the Semmelweis reflex.  It’s like a family friend, Garvin, so brilliantly described in his blog:

“I have a fundamental problem with the hubris (pride so blinding one cannot see any other way) that exists in the medical field. Let me explain.

1) As late as the 1800s “bleeding” or “bloodletting” was a common medical practice. Doctors will say, “Oh, but that was a long time ago.” True, but what if you questioned the procedure in 1800? The doctors would say, “Look, I’m the expert here. This is what I do!” (hubris)

2) In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis suggested that the mortality rate in maternity wards could be reduced if doctors would wash their hands before tending to the delivery of a new baby. The medical profession laughed at him. Semmelweis’s observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time. The theory of diseases was highly influenced by ideas of an imbalance of the basic “four humours” in the body, a theory known as dyscrasia, for which the main treatment was bloodlettings…  It took the medical profession over twenty years to recognize the importance of sterility in hospital settings. The so-called Semmelweis reflex — a metaphor for a certain type of human behavior characterized by reflex-like rejection of new knowledge because it contradicts entrenched norms, beliefs or paradigms — is named after Semmelweis, whose perfectly reasonable hand-washing suggestions were ridiculed and rejected by his contemporaries. (hubris) ”

Have everyday Americans ever stopped to ponder on the fact that what they consider to be normal medicine today wasn’t and couldn’t have been normal, everyday medicine a mere 100 years ago?   What’s more, are they so gullible (or merely so asleep) that they fail to consider historical patterns and precendents?  Over and over again, quality, integrity and truth are so violently attacked and persecuted in the areas that really matter that they all but disappear.  Are we better off today with overpriced, poorly made garments of flimsy material and foreign manufacture?  No.  The quality and craftsmanship of the handmade cloth of the Middle Ages is finer and more organic than any we could produce today.  I think the Luddites had a point.

I’ll spare a  religious text today and comment instead, using something perhaps a bit more familiar to most.   Consider the final scenes of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.   The reason why dark ages arise, and long nights begin is because lies are believed and fear wins.  Dark ages arise when the majority of society chooses to acquiesce to the fading of the light.  Noble beings who love truth and light –  individuals like Yoda and Obi-Wan – are forced to go into hiding, taking their knowledge with them.   That knowledge then becomes forbidden, lost, unknown and/or secret.  Once seen in any form of appearing again, Truth that stands in opposition to darkness and lies is always and will ever be attacked… but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Midwifery, a practice as old as the history of man, was so maligned and persecuted in America throughout the 20th century that it may very well have disappeared altogether, were it not for the pioneering resistance of self-educated individuals like Ina May Gaskin and God-fearing traditionalists like Onnie Lee Logan.  Thompsonian herbalism, chiropractic, homeopathy and iridology were all likewise scorned, attacked, and driven out of Main Street America and from common acceptance.  I hate to ask it, but do people just not think to question anything anymore?  Did anyone question at that time, or at this, what reason the mainstream powers could possibly  have to attack complementary or similar professions that were not doing anything to  hurt them? (Or were they $$$ ?) Is it unimaginable to most that mainstream medicine might possibly, even now, be sitting very much in the dark?  The saying is, If you can’t beat them, join them, but I, for one, don’t like the unholy matrimony that mainstream medicine is currently attempting to make with alternative means of health care.   I anticipate a future divorce, perhaps even the future mysterious death of the weaker half.  Guess which half?

So forgive me if I don’t reach for the children’s aspirin – whoops,  the doctors found out that was bad for feverish kids about 60 years ago.

I mean, forgive me if I don’t reach for the acetaminophen – oops again, the doctors just decided to inform us that Tylenol shouldn’t be given to young children.  (This only after over two generations of American guinea pigs were already treated for fevers with this drug.)  Oops, too late, but they can’t be wrong, they’re doctors!

AHEM… let me try this one more time.  SO PLEASE FREAKING FORGIVE ME IF I DON’T REACH FOR THE DRUGS THAT YOUR OVERLY-FRIENDLY, DISCLAIMER-CHANTING VOICES TELL ME I should be purchasing to poison my children. The “kindly”, patronizing pharmaceutical industry tells me repeatedly, from it’s lawyer-padded throne in far-away TV-LAND, what I should and should not do.  I hear your brainwashing campaign .  But I heed you not.

I’m that “crazy lady” who puts olive-oil diluted Peppermint oil on the bottom of her children’s feet when they have a fever.  I’m that “loon” who gives them catnip tea to further diminish the fever; that “ignorant bat” who learned about the connection between calcium and elevated body temperatures from “nut-cases” who knew.  I’m that stubborn consumer Big Pharma resents and that “bad mother” some other mothers shun.

As a survivor of a botched root canal (D.D.S.)… AND a badly done and decade-long infected laparoscopy (Ob.Gyn.)… AND a drugged rape, as an unaccompanied minor just in for a physical (M.D.)…  AND being a woman forced by “hospital policy” to give birth outside the labor tub by the same hospital that had advertised their new waterbirth room (R.N., C.N.M., M.D.) …  AND the mother of an infant whose negative reaction to a vaccination was ignored and denied (M.D.)… AND the mother of another infant who was diagnosed with and underwent traumatic investigative procedures for craniosinostosis that didn’t even exist (D.O.)…  YOU TELL ME WHO THE QUACKS ARE!!! I haven’t listed even half of the iatrogenic errors that I have experienced in my life or witnessed in the lives of my family and friends.

I’ll take my chances and keep being the Bad Mommy who doesn’t automatically trust, but hesitates; who remains unimpressed with the pomp and circumstance of the False Priesthood of the White Coat; who believes that good allopaths really are one in a million.  I’ll continue being the Bad Mommy who doesn’t come when she’s called, and thinks mainstream allopathic and pharmaceutical medicine is more full of convoluted bullshit than truth.  I will keep being the Bad Mommy who will do anything and everything to keep her children away from the grimy and impersonal doctor’s offices, the brain-fog-inducing drugstores, and the panting, predatory pediatric hospitals.   The only real monopoly the mainstream powers have are over those who deliberately choose to be as blind as they are, who bend over and take it, who never stop to consider why they keep getting sick and keep being hurt by their doctors, and why they never really get well.  It will continue to happen to these sheeple, too, as long as they never bother to study out ANYTHING for themselves or for their children… as long as they never stop to consider that there could be another way, or have the courage to cleave to truth once they have found it.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Until I die, I will defiantly  follow the loners, the outsiders, the weirdos who walk the Road Less Traveled…  rather than stand with the silly crowds in awe of the chicken-men who dance jealously around the fires of their own hubris.