We try to eat healthy meals, but sometimes we give in.  I don’t know if it’s simply the lure of convenience, or if the pleas of our tongues override the warnings of our brains.   We end up having to relearn what we knew all along, but ignored:  Treating ourselves to some food that we know is bad for us is like celebrating before dropping an anvil on your foot.  We almost always pay for it later.

The way we handle the indigestion spectrum – from constipation to diarrhea – is through essential oils.  Sometimes rubbing the belly with a drop or two of Peppermint (diluted down in olive or virgin coconut oil)  is all it takes.  This method seems to work especially well for colic in infants and for most children.  I’ve also used Ginger to do the same thing,  and also settle the stomach in case of stomachache with nausea.  When we need some “big guns” we get out the YL essential oil blend called Di-Gize.  We put it on the stomach and on the bottom of the feet on the reflexology locations for the stomach and bowels.

Drinking a drop or two of Peppermint oil in water seems to help calm things down, too.  I’ve also played with a clear pop, like 7-Up or Sprite, by adding Ginger oil to taste.   (If you read the labels, you’ll see that most ginger sodas on the market today don’t contain any real ginger at all… so what’s the point of drinking them anymore when you’re sick?)

A few years ago, the entire family spent our New Year’s holiday taking turns with the vomit bowl.  (We caught a stomach flu bug at a Christmas party with the extended family.)   When it’s not easy being green, it’s  SO good to have all the oils on hand at home.  Then there is no dreaded trip out into the snow, only to wander through the grocery aisles of OTC medications feeling too sick, contagious and miserable to know which one to buy.

P.S. Be sure to ALWAYS dilute essential oils down when you use them on an infant.  Also, when you rub an infant’s stomach, use the upside-down “I love you” technique:  1.) Right top side of belly, stroke the letter I with your hand, just as you would write it.  2.) Left to top side of belly, stroke an upside-down and backward letter L, going across to the top right side, and then down to the bottom right side.  3.) beginning at bottom left side of belly, draw an upside-down letter U, upward-across-down.