A nose is a nose
like a rose is a rose,
As everybody knows
And may we suppose
that the rosiest nose
is the one that plainly shows?

– Lex de Azevedo




I have an elderly relative who never seems to be without a cough drop.  I had supposed that the cough drops were for some kind of lung or breathing condition.  Concerned about the health effects of his long-term use of this OTC medication, especially on his heart, my husband and I bought him Thayer’s Slippery Elm Lozenges.  They wouldn’t do him nearly as much harm as the menthol in the OTC products, and we knew the slippery elm was good for him.

He and his wife were over for a visit last week, and my husband started talking about essential oils again.  So we got out our little box of oils and played a bit, everyone present taking turns at smelling the different bottles from the box.  When we offered him a  turn, his wife said, “Oh, he can’t smell anything anymore”, and he nodded that this was true.  He tried to smell the oils anyway, and was quite surprised that he could smell them.  The more we played with smelling the oils, the more pleased he became.  We’d only been doing this for  5 or 10 minutes when he exclaimed with delight that his nasal passages had cleared!  He could breathe freely!

I thought this reaction was quite remarkable.  So did they.  This couple is now diffusing oils in their home, and it seems to be making a big difference for them both.  I didn’t learn until yesterday that he has had nasal polyps for years.  Our old friend has been self-medicating himself with cough-drops and liberal coatings of Vicks vapor rub on the inside of his nose. I could not help but wonder to myself if his other health conditions might not also be related to his lifelong use of OTC and pharmaceutical products.

What most people don’t realize is that the VAST MAJORITY of cream-like health care products on the market are petroleum-based.  This means that when you use commercially manufactured lotions, creams and rubs, you are essentially rubbing your body down with a chemical derivative of the same kind of oil that you put inside your car.  In my opinion, if you could not stick a spoon into the container and eat it,  then you should not be applying it to your body.  The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Last I knew, God provided the skin (and our digestive systems, for that matter!) with no means of breaking down petroleum.

I am hopeful that my old friend will find relief and greater happiness through his new discovery of essential oils.  I am even hoping that the essential oils will help those polyps to disappear altogether.  What an amazing blessing we have in the sense of smell, and in the natural, organic power of essential oils!

UPDATE: (as of 3/12/2010) We read some more and learned that Purification essential oil would work a lot better than the menthol rub for the polyps on the inside of our friend’s nose.  So today, he applied Purification oil with a cotton swab, to the inside of his nostrils and was able to breathe freely for 2.5 hours.  He also reported that he’s slept well and all through the night since applying Lemon essential oil to his pillowcase.  He’s pleased as punch and that’s so nice for all of us who love him to see!!

UPDATE: 2015. Really sad that I was denied the privilege of helping this friend, my father-in-law, more. If I had had my way, and not been prevented, we would have had him living in our home. We would have taken care of him in every way we could: from diet, to essential oils, to the water he drank and the air he breathed. Being put in a nursing home was not my plan for him, or his son’s plan for him. He even asked me, once, if I would promise to take care of him in our home. I promised. And even though he has been dead for months now, I am still ANGRY that other members of the family stepped in and prevented my husband and I from keeping that promise. Alzheimers is not a death sentence. It is a chance – a God given test, even, I believe – to see if we will REALLY love those who have loved us all our lives, without the feedback loop of receiving love in return. That is the only part that is broken: the feedback loop, and NOT the person. I am CONVINCED that they are still in there… and I am so sorry, Daddy, that I wasn’t allowed to love you more.

There is one crown I bear away with me
And to-night, when I enter before God,
My salute shall sweep all the stars away
From the blue threshold! One thing without stain,
Unspotted from the world, in spite of doom
Mine own!
(He springs forward, his sword lifted aloft.)
And that is…
(The sword escapes his hand; he totters, and falls into the arms of Le Bret and Ragueneau.)
(Bends over him and kisses him on the forehead.)—That is…
(Opens his eyes and smiles up at her.)
My white plume…