Having now experienced pregnancy and labor with and without essential oils in my life, I can tell you there is a real difference.  I felt good about using them, and really did feel good when I did.  Of course, there are oils that must be avoided during pregnancy, but there are also many which are a real boon to women.  Let me mention a few:

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH – It is no longer surprising or odd to me that the three wise men brought Mary and the young Christ child these two essential oils.  Myrrh was originally used only by queens, and should only be used when childbirth is imminent.  For myself, I found Myrrh, in combination YL essential oil blends, Clary Sage and Valor, to be my “three kings” in the birthing room.  In combination with water labor and water birth, even with the addition of Pitocin, Myrrh, Clary Sage and Valor sustained me through the entire labor.  Diffusing Frankincense was very calming and strengthening for me.  I found the smell of Clary Sage to be comforting and it’s effects on my body to be beneficial.  However, I think I ordered Clary Sage and Myrrh too late.  I only had them for the last two days and wish now that I’d had them for at least the last 4 weeks of my “essential oil pregnancy”.   I was most surprised by Myrrh‘s effects.   I think the queens of the past kept Myrrh an exclusive right for a reason.   The royal secret I discovered was a lessening of pain with a simultaneous heightening of the senses.  This made the whole experience much more fulfilling than births I’ve had without essential oils.  Valor was invaluable when transition kicked in.

NINGXIA RED – While not an essential oil, it is sold by Young Living too.  My husband was religious about making sure I had an ounce of it to drink every day.  Sometimes we’d run out of it before the next order had come in.  My drop in energy became quite noticeable, even on the first day that I’d missed a dose.  I also found that I was a lot hungrier, with a lot more cravings, when I didn’t have Ningxia Red every day of the pregnancy. UPDATE: I have experienced even better effects, from using Superfood, a whole-foods supplement, available at herbdoc.com

LAVENDER OIL – If you can make massage a regular part of your pregnancy, Lavender oil in a base of olive oil is a wonderful thing for your baby and you!  It’s relaxing and stress-relieving; good for the skin.  Massage makes for great foreplay, but no worries, since Lavender oil is great for massaging the perineum.

OTHER OILS – In addition, I continued to use most of the oils or essential oil blends I used before pregnancy during pregnancy.  These include Gentle Baby, Thieves, Purification, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Rosemary… though I have since learned from other sources that Rosemary should not be used during pregnancy.

HEALTHY RESULTS – The medical professionals who examined our baby were very pleased with it’s overall health, which we attribute to good diet, exercise and the use of essential oils.  Most significant to me was that both the D.O. and Midwife told us that the  placenta and cord were large and healthy, and among the best they’d seen in a long time.

CONCLUSION – I’m hoping other expecting mothers will find this post and consider the judicious use of essential oils during their pregnancies.  They really made a difference for our family; especially for our baby.