I’ve started my Family Herbalist course with the School of Natural Healing. I own a few of his books already and have browsed his websites, but every now and then, he still sends a shocker my way.

Today it was learning that the tonsils are the filter for the reproductive system.   Say what??? My shock isn’t so much over this new wisdom, as it is over the fact that this isn’t common knowledge.  I mean, we all grew up with the Sesame Street books about Grover getting his tonsils removed, the stories about those lucky kids who got to eat popsicles and ice cream for days on end.  I, for one, wished as a child that I too could lose my “useless” tonsils, just for a heavenly week of pampering.   There’s no book out there, warning the kiddos about the things Dr. Christopher asserts.  Such as the fact that  if you don’t have your tonsils, puberty will be harder for you, regardless of gender.   Why did I have to wait until my thirties to learn the reason and function for my tonsils?  (Even if it does mean I don’t get my week of frozen heaven!)

Oh, the  storybook world of indoctrination which has been created to uphold and $u$tain main$tream doctors!  Why is it that these practitioners, ye olde allopaths, are so into whacking and hacking off everything anyway?  Could it be that there is also an actual use – a real purpose – for the gall bladder, the thyroid, the foreskin and the appendix?  If America trusted it’s garbagemen like it implicitly trusts it’s allopaths, we’d be seeing people taking bags of canned goods to the curb for pick-up, simply because they were told by the garbageman that there was no use for that particular food.

I looked up tonsillitis in my Essential Oils Desk Reference and learned that Clove, Tea Tree,  Thieves, Goldenrod, Oregano, Mountain Savory, Ravensara and/or Thyme oils can help.  Don’t see anyone in the essential oils camp wanting to hack the tonsils out of people’s heads either.

So,  at the end of this busy day of learning, I heave a sigh of relief.  Knowing there are no tongue-depressor wielding, scalpel-happy allopaths anywhere near my tonsils, what  can I  say but “Ahhh!”