I began my Family Herbalist coursework with the School of Natural Healing about a month ago.  Although I am not yet finished with the course, I have to say that I am really impressed and happy with what I’m learning.  To reach  my goal of becoming a Master Herbalist, I know there will be a lot more courses in the future, but it was reassuring to have my first course be so well organized, with so many resources at my disposal.

One of the main texts of the course is called Herbal Home Health Care.  Now, I’d purchased and read this book before, but a lot of the information didn’t seem to stick in my mind very well.  I also had a lot of questions which weren’t answered by the book.  One think I like about the Family Herbalist Course is the Study Guide – and it’s format – which is provided to go along with Herbal Home Health Care.  I can download the study guide as a electronic document to keep on my hard drive.  I can print it, and fill out the answers by hand as I study.  Later, I can type my answers into their online copy (required for the course), thereby further cementing the information in my mind.  I can come and go online, filling out the study guide as I have the occasion to do so.

Almost everything in this course takes advantage of 21st century technologies.  There are recordings I can download to my hard-drive, as well as download onto my mp3 player.  This has proven invaluable when, with a cranky baby, I have nothing to do in a darkened room while I nurse the child to sleep.  There are training videos available online.   This resource is fantastic for helping me, as I’m sure it does many others who are visual or audio learners.   I can download and print most of the class materials,  including books!  If I want a traditional bound copy, SNH students may also buy materials from SNH at a discount.  The fact that this class is available to me online, 24/7, and as a busy mother of many children is an invaluable feature for me.  I even like the fact that my course has a time limit for completion.  I was given 3 months to finish this class.  The deadline helps me not to draw things out so long by dawdling, avoiding the danger that I might forget what I’ve learned.

drchristopherI’ve taken college coursework at the bachelor’s and master’s level.  It’s my opinion that the School of Natural Healing is just as intellectually challenging and educational as any courses I’ve taken elsewhere.  The price is a steal – I can become a Master Herbalist for the same price as what I paid for just ONE semester of undergraduate classes.   Additionally, the reputation of the school’s founder, Dr. John R. Christopher, is sterling.  The man was THE EXPERT in his field, for his day, and while I haven’t gotten to know them that well yet, I’ve been somewhat impressed by the recorded lectures I’ve studied by his son David and David’s wife Fawn, who are the current lead teachers at the school. However, the fire and passion of Dr. Richard Schulze, who was John Christopher’s other protégé just blows me away. It is a pity that Schulze no longer teaches at the School of Natural Healing.

For more on my reasons for wanting to become a Master Herbalist and why this course of study might be right for you, too, please visit this blog’s page called “Be Your Own Doctor.”  Thanks for reading.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. – Thomas A. Edison