“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.”

I grew up in prosperous middle-class circumstances where I could go to the doctor, the dentist or the hospital whenever I needed to.  My insured parents were able to afford additional care and treatment, like surgeries and contact lenses.  But as an adult,  I went though a divorce.  I spent many years learning what it was like to be a  single woman with children, living on low wages… navigating my way through the maze that is Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, domestic abuse shelters, government-subsidized transitional housing, etc.  Unlike many women, I wasn’t willing to submit to the I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you’ll-scratch-my-back government controls and requirements in exchange for “perks”.  I refused to take WIC, for example, because the government’s condition was that my children had to be fully vaccinated.  When I did accept food stamps, I was not only grateful to have them, but also SHOCKED at how much taxpayer money was given to me and the children.  The state’s representatives allotted me more money than my ex-husband had allowed me to spend on the family groceries when we were still married.  Unlike some others I saw around me who just lived off the system, I worked to try to  get out of it.  Despite my college undergraduate degree, work was hard to come by.  I held down three  part-time jobs for which I was overqualified.  People say that only illegal immigrants will do the jobs Americans just won’t do, but I’m here to say that this is not true.  I’m not ashamed to say that I worked as  a custodian, private cleaning lady and a day care assistant to pay for my divorce and support myself and my children while on public assistance.  Within 3 years of the end of my marriage, I’d returned to college to pursue a Master’s Degree.  I had no intent to stay on the system, though I very well could have played the little game and done just that.  I didn’t like being on government assistance and never viewed it as something I wanted to live with permanently.

During those hard times, I was blessed by the generosity and kindness of so many people – the compassionate workers at the shelter house, the anonymous donors who came by practically every day to drop off food or toys or clothes, the friends and compatriots I found among the other women, friends at church, and extended family – especially my parents.  The first Christmas I had alone with the children, I cried and cried over all that was given to them and to me.  Everything was given, everything was provided – in my destitute state, my little ones would have had nothing if it hadn’t been for the freely given, wonderful help of others!  I am grateful for the way my church operates it’s Welfare System.  As a requirement to receive assistance, I was given work to do.  My leaders also asked me to give back, not only by continuing to pay a full tithe, but to make a fast offering as well.  At the time, I was really upset by this.  After all, I was the one in need!  I have since seen the wisdom of their conditions.  It wasn’t for them.  It was for me.  By continuing to work and be grateful that I could support myself and my children I didn’t lose my self-respect.  Even though others at Church knew I got Church  welfare, I could look them in the eye.  I knew I had  ecclesiastical leaders and tithe payers to thank, but I was no drone!  My working helped them retain their respect for me, too.     I didn’t develop the over-prevalent attitude problem that I call  “greed from beneath”.   It began to dawn on me during my second Christmas… when I saw the lines of people show up for the free Toys For Tots  stuff; saw the house become full to capacity mid-November and empty out, for the second year in a row, just after New Year’s.  The women got the loot for their kids and most, if not all, returned home to their abusers.  This kind of phenomenon happened with other issues and at other times than just Christmas.  This is the dirty little secret, the ghastly underbelly, of the gimmie-gimmie system that is the U.S. government’s socialized welfare program.

Which is why I could never buy into the concept of Obamacare.   When I was on welfare, the doctors politely looked down their noses at me.   I felt like a number in a numberless dirty mass of people who, while buttering their bread, were not worth the care and deferential treatment which I’d been accustomed to all my life as an insured patient.   Some of these doctors and workers were terribly surprised that I could be articulate, intelligent and opinionated.  I have a long-standing health condition – it’s existed since my teens – and I knew before it was even denied that there would be NO WAY that Medicaid would cover the continuing treatment and monitoring that I needed.  My doctor, who’d known me for 11 years by then – and one of the very few mainstream doctors for who I have any trust or respect – graciously allowed me to make payments on my bill.  I also suspect that, because of my circumstances,  he undercharged me.  For that, I will ever be grateful.

Do you see that, through my experiences and my eyes, while I appreciated the government’s help, the help I received from private individuals was far better?  So I worried immediately when I learned about the kind of system which would be set up under Obamacare.  Screening boards to determine if you can have treatment or not?  Government officials reviewing my private health care records and passing judgement?  Been there, done that.  Only, it would be worse.  With Obamacare it would be permanent and omnipresent, with all the doors locked and barred.  There would be no other choice.  There would no longer be the hope of a door back up and out of welfare into the liberty which is had in the current American health care system!  Yes, it has a lot of problems, and yes, I hate allopathy for the most part.  But the world of private insurance, consumer choice, market competition, and the non-complacency of doctors is a far better situation than what has been proposed for the future.  If, as a doctor,  you knew your job was guaranteed – like one jerk teacher I had who did next-to-nothing but was tenured and a minority so who cares – what freaking kind of God-complex lazy monster could you become to patients who have no choice but to keep seeing you or get no health care at all?   What if you, as a patient, needed a treatment, but could not have it?  What if some kind of party membership, or agreement with government ideology became required in order to even get treatment? So-So-Social Security numbers to be turned on or off like permission switches for the sick-sick-sicks ?


If you’re still with me on this, still reading, then I thank you.  I offer you a few thoughts on what an American who wants to remain independent can do.  Consider educating yourself.  What would you do if you couldn’t get into a  hospital for a health condition?  Whether it was because the government denied treatment, or you were told you had to wait 6 months, or because you couldn’t pay the premium or wouldn’t join the club… what would you do then?  If your wife was pregnant and needed prenatal care?  If your child was burned?  If you had little money for prescription medicine, and they only made you feel more ill , there wasn’t enough of it, or you weren’t getting better?  I began thinking of all these things a few years ago when I got sick, before my hypothyroidism was discovered.  I had the option to go from doctor to doctor to doctor and I did.  Though every doctor had a different answer, a different suggested treatment they sure all cost money.  I wasn’t getting better.  So I took the brave step to seek out practitioners that my insurance wouldn’t pay for, having learned in my experiences with midwives, that the AMA-dominated insurance companies ain’t necessarily correct or even unbiased in their views.  I got far better care from the midwives who I paid out of my own pocket than I ever got from the too-busy, always-in-a-hurry, arrogant doctor-gods.  Do you know which doctors have helped me most with my hypothyroidism?  Those my insurance wouldn’t pay for.  One is an MD who made the courageous choice to embrace alternative modalities.  Two have been TCM practitioners – yes, acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  One was a homeopathic physician, though I think he did poorly in not offering nutritional counseling to cure me, but only expensive supplements to keep me.  One was a chiropractor, who ended up helping my husband even more than he helped me.  Tried colonics, learned about raw foods and then about the Weston-Price folks … with mixed feelings and mixed results.  In my quest for help, I learned about Master Herbalists, but none lived near me.  Everything I read at the School of Natural Healing made sense, but it was like wanting to join a church that was headquartered in a foreign country.  I could read about it all, but how do you do things; what does it look like?  I had no live person to turn to or have regular appointments with.

I realized that as I’d been learning to take care of myself – to be my own doctor – with essential oils, I could learn how to take care of myself in other modalities.  I chose herbal medicine because our great God has provided plant life in abundance.  Were I destitute, were I homeless, I might still be able to go out into some forest or field and find the medicine my family needed if I had the knowledge.  I’ve stocked up on essential oils, but I’m still learning to use them.  Young Living and The School of Natural Healing both offer certification and coursework on that.  I know the day might come when essential oils or even herbal medicine gets outlawed.  They might run Young Living out of the country, but  how are they going to uproot every plant? This is why I’ve decided to become a Master Herbalist.  I invite you to seriously consider if receiving herbal training might not also be right for you.

The School of Natural Healing is about to launch it’s 2010 Christmas Special.  Starting November 1st, if you buy the first course, they will give you the second course FREE.  It’s BOGO, baby!  The deal will only be available between November 1 and December 20th 2010.  I’m currently taking the first course, which is called the Family Herbalist course (level 100).  It’s been worth every cent.  The next course is called Fundamentals of Natural Healing (level 200).  I confess that I’m a little jealous – this is a better deal than I got when I enrolled – but I’m happy that this opportunity to become educated and be prepared is available for others.  It’s a win-win situation.  You get a free class worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-400, depending on how I have seen it priced in the past, and I get a commission if you click on the button below, which links to my affiliate site.  Then we’ll both be able to study together because I’ll to earn a small commission to put toward funding my next class, and you’ll get that same class for free!

HOPE?: Projected health care costs for Obamacare 2014 are only 578% higher than originally estimated!

CHANGE?:When you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways, it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.” – (U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), 3/22/10)

Give me my medical liberty, not your control over my death!

For further information, I highly recommend the review of this CCHC handout.