I don’t know about you, but when foaming hand soap first came out, I didn’t know what to make of it. I was raised with good old-fashioned bar soap: the kind that got dried out and left cracks in which dirt encrusted itself while it floated, half dry and half slimy, in a disgusting soap dish. So I was an easy convert to pump soaps.  But when they came out with this foamy stuff, all I could think of was cotton candy, cheese balls and styrofoam;  Foaming soap seemed to me to be the junkfood of the soap world – it’s all so much hot air, and not so much soap. I didn’t like the idea of paying for, well, mainly inflated soap; essentially just soapy air.   In addition, I really wasn’t impressed with the cleaning difference between pump soap and foaming soap. So I stayed with my pump soap, the delightful Dr. Bronner’s Shikakai Peppermint which made it’s debut a few years ago. Having tried so many other “natural products” (the stuff from Bed and Bath gives me horrible headaches) I thought I was securely converted to my handsoap religion.

Yet… at the time of this post, I was a Young Living independent distributor. I sometimes got little perks and package deals from the company. A few months ago I earned a free Lavender package. It came with a bunch of stuff, including a free bottle of foaming lavender hand soap! Well, I ran out of the other stuff two weeks ago, so I decided to finally get out foaming soap, not really expecting very much. It was simply a plan to use it up until I could get more Bronner’s.

I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the YL foaming soap. It doesn’t dry my hands out. It doesn’t leave the mess on my counter like the Shikakai pump does… everywhere. It cleans and washes off with a different texture than I’ve gotten used to with pump soaps, but it still washes off clean.

The biggest discovery was actually not with me, but with my youngest son. He makes such a mess with every soap we’ve ever tried, but this Young Living foaming soap was a match! I wish the pump would not dispense SO MUCH soap at once for his little hands, but if I’m right there to help and monitor him, I can do quantity control. In fact, this foaming pump soap has been so helpful in teaching him how to wash his hands properly that I’m amazed. Maybe the, light airy quality of this particular soap is the very reason why it’s so easy for him to use!  Plus, he thinks the foam is a barrel of fun!  So I find that while my husband and I may still keep the Shikakai for ourselves,  we might just start buying the Young Living foaming soaps for the kids.  We know we can trust that the Young Living soaps are not full of toxins…  and the Lavender just smells SO GOOD on those little fingers!

Now, instead of looking down my nose at foaming soaps, I’ve come to see their merit. You’ve heard of warm fuzzies, right? They’re described as being the warm, pleasant sensations that people feel when they do something good for someone else. Well, by developing their version of foaming soap, the Young Living company has done a good thing. When I see my son dispense that cold, bubbly soap into his hands and do the whole hand-washing routine without difficulty… well, I almost get a tear in my eye.
Thanks for the Cold Fuzzies, Young Living!

IMPORTANT  UPDATE: Since I quit being a distributor for Young Living, I have NOT missed having this product in my home. Why? Because I have discovered that the big secret behind this product IS THE PACKAGING. After thoroughly cleaning and washing the empty soap container, we RE-USE IT. This is how: We put about a half-inch of Dr. Bronner’s liquid Peppermint soap at the bottom of the container, and then fill the rest with water. It works just wonderfully. I even feel that it works better than the original product which the container held, because I don’t get the same after-feel on my hands which the YL product used to leave. As for my hypothyroid sensitivity to smells, I also prefer the refreshing Bronner’s peppermint over the YL lavender. 🙂