I don’t know WHAT was going on with me today, but I got hit by the worst waves of nausea I’ve had in over a year, along with a pimped-out, maxed-out version of the hypersensitivity to smell that I usually struggle with. Was it stress? Was it some kind of flu bug? Is my hypothyroidism vamping back up again? Or… am… I… pregnant??! Could just be that I’m a hypochondriac. Anyway, whatever it was, I about puked all over the place talking to my phone contacts this morning.

My impulse reaction was to head for the essential oils box, but I’ve begun to realize that I’ve been doing things wrong when I use the following formula in facing health challenges:

Health Problem + A = Cure

A = Allopathic-Atomist Attitude & Alleviant



When I reach for a bottle of “something” to fix “something else”, I am still being an allopathic-atomist. This means that I believe in chemical imbalances in the body; that germs are the prime cause of disease in the body; and that all I have to do to fix a problem I find in one particular area is to treat just that one area. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing it with herbs, oils or what, reaching for a quick cure in a bottle is still an allopathic-atomist attitude. I didn’t realize all this until it was pointed out to me in a video lecture I watched by David Christopher in my Family Herbalist course… and hey!… I don’t want to be an allopath! I want to be a vitalist, somebody who believes in the power of life, or living entities, to heal themselves, if only they are cared for properly.

Our body is a system. It’s actually a group of systems operating within a greater directing system. What affects one system – especially the digestive tract – affects the rest of the systems in the body. Nutrition is absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of all the systems. Just like you can’t put sugar in the tank of a Ferrari and expect it to run optimally, you can’t expect the human body to function as it was Intelligently Designed to run without feeding it properly. It is poor nutrition that creates a weakened body, which in turn creates a physical environment in which germs can thrive. When properly fed, the body is able to properly function, right on down to the chemical level.

Well, it was probably a good thing that my nose was going so overboard, because I couldn’t stand the smells of anything this morning, so the peppermint oil – my usual allopathic alliviant – made me want to spew on the floor. This forced me to turn to my newest source of knowledge, my classes at the School of Natural healing. I was just about ready to take my final exam for the Family Herbalist course, wasn’t I? Well, had I learned anything or not?… Brain? Hey, Brain! Can you help me out here? Through the fog of my splitting headache and the nausea, I remembered…

1. Headaches are usually caused by constipation. Cleanse the bowel.
2. Nausea can be quickly addressed with a few drops of lobelia tincture.
3. All glandular problems respond very well to lobelia and mullein, especially in fomentation form. (A fomentation is a compress made with herbal tea. In this case, it would be lobelia/mullein tea).

I admit that I’m still a little scared of using herbs, since it’s one thing to learn and even believe all this and another to actually do it, especially in our mainstream anti-herbalist American culture where everyone rolls their eyes and mouths the word QUACK whenever anything about herbs is mentioned. But I decided to trust in what I’d been learning and head for my pantry to see what I could dig out.

1. I found an old bag of the SNH lower bowel formula, known as FenLB, which I made about a year ago, when I didn’t know what I was doing. Dr. Christopher openly publishes all of his herbal formulas, but that still didn’t mean I understood how 1 Part of this and 1 Part of that all went together. What’s a part, anyway? Even though it was made wrong, it was good enough for how I was feelin’! I took 1/4 tsp with water.
2. Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I found some old bottles of mullein extract and lobelia extract which I’d purchased last fall. My former midwife had forbidden me to keep using them for my thyroid gland (SHE WAS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG about THAT like she was about a couple of other things I won’t mention!) But as I stood there with my head about to split apart from the urge to vomit, I couldn’t remember which was which… mullein does what again? Lobelia? Mullein? And too much of one of these will make me vomit… which one was it?

Knowing #3 above, I just tipped my head back and took a few drops each of lobelia and mullein tinctures. I went and made myself some Red Raspberry Leaf tea (made 6 cups and drank 4 of them, but hey, I’m nursing a baby!). I took another dose of lobelia and mullein tinctures, this time in a cup of hot water to dissipate the alcohol in them (another groovy thing I learned from my Family Herbalist class!) The baby started crying, so I went back to bed and fed her…

…At which point my husband woke up, and wanting to help me, got out the oils. BLAAAAAH!!!!! I wanted to gag again when he kept putting bottles to my face to see if they’d bug me. Finally I suggested Spearmint (knowing it was the best member of the Mint family for pregnant women, per my SNH courses), and thank goodness I was fine with the smell. I asked that he simply apply them to the bottom of my feet – the reflexology points and conveniently the farthest body parts away from my nose – and nowhere else.

Within a half hour, I was fine. Only a little bit of the headache remained, which I contribute not just to constipation, (bad Mommy has been practicing too-busy-because-of-the-holidays bad eating habits), but also to eye strain. I’ve been doing a TON of online work recently.

I don’t know what I would have done this morning without all I’ve learned. Popped an Aleve or a Tylenol and further damaged my body? What was most amazing – and confirming – for me was feeling the wellness start to spread from my thyroid out to the rest of my body. It literally felt like some kind of white flood of light going up my face toward my splitting headache. I knew it was the mullein and lobelia doing their job. I’ve eaten light today, made sure I took my Kelp Combination to feed my thyroid and iodine-craving body parts, drank a ton of tea, and I’m doing just fine. I’m starting to realize that learning to trust in herbs means learning to trust in my own body and in the God who designed it... instead of some other body inflicted with “expert-itis” and, after poisoning me, expecting me to fund his paycheck to boot.