As mentioned in a former post, one of the reasons I love Lavender essential oil is because of its power to cure pink eye, otherwise known as conjunctivitis. When I google searched the term this morning, I was shocked at some of the ridiculous CRAP that came up in the links I clicked from the front page. How about some of these whoppers?

Many cases of pinkeye in newborns can be prevented by screening and treating pregnant women for STDs –

Oh, so nice work, all you scarlet women – I mean – Moms out there. GIVE ME A BREAK. Your kid can get conjunctivitis from sticking their finger up their own nose and then rubbing their eyes. They can get it from Great-Aunt Joan who forgot to wash her hands before picking up the baby.  They can get it from just about anywhere, so let’s put them all in a bubble and make sure to keep them away from the Red Light district. The conjunctiva of the eye is like the perfect little petri dish for any germ.  The truth is that we are fortunate to have an immune system that can usually recognize all the junk that lands in our eyes and kill it quick, otherwise we’d all be going around with mustardy yellow or boogery green gunk running out of our eyes… all the time!

Make an appointment with your doctor if you notice any signs or symptoms you think might be pink eye. Pink eye can be highly contagious for as long as two weeks after signs and symptoms begin. With an early diagnosis you can protect people around you from contracting pink eye, get treatment to help you cope with your symptoms and reduce your risk of complications. – Mayo Clinic

OOOOOH! IT’S THE BIG BAD PINKEYE BOOOOGY MAN!!!!   OOOOH!  There’s that intimidating, fear-mongering word, COMPLICATIONS!!  (Play scary music here…)

Why does the mainstream medical community always make such an emergency out of everything? tells us that Pinkeye caused by a virus usually goes away on its own without any treatment… however, it continues to inform us that if that nasty old stuff is caused by a BACTERIA (and, of course, only the good $Doctor$God$ can tell you that), you have to get some antibiotics.  Antibiotics which will, of course, kill every germ, good and bad, in your child’s eyes… and you call that “better”?

Seriously, people… do you think ANY doctor worth his paycheck is going to send some concerned parent home without a prescription? Even if the pinkeye is coming from a virus? NOPE! I say nope, nope and nope again. Everyone knows you go to the doctor’s office to get the junky gunk in a tube that will kill all the germs, good and bad, in your child’s eyes… because that is what you’ve been indoctrinated to believe you must do to help your kid.


I, for one, have not forgotten what happened in my middle-school science class when we got into the petri dishes. The mother of one of my classmates was a nurse, so she was able to supply both 7th grade science classrooms with a genuine hospital-lab petri dish for each student. Our science teacher had some of us wash our hands with anti-bacterial soap, then air-dry them, and without touching anything else, carefully touch a few of these now presumably sterile fingers to the surface of the medium inside the petri dishes.  He asked some of us to wash our hands, towel-dry them and touch the petri dishes . Then he asked the rest of us to simply touch the petri dishes with our hands, without washing them off first or anything. All of us, including our science teacher, thought that there would be a plethora of germs inside the petri dishes of the great unwashed.

But the experiment backfired… the anti-bacterial soap groups  grew the most bacteria. In fact, the dishes of the air-dried group had so much gray fuzz growing up in them that it began to be difficult to keep their lids on.  WHAT?! My science teacher was shocked. Our experiment had gone directly against the revered, reverenced and worshiped-as-fact Germ Theory hypothesis. I remember that he really had to scramble then… first trying to convince us that somehow the petri dishes themselves had been compromised, but we wouldn’t buy that one because we’d all broken the sterile seals ourselves. Then he told us that the students must have used the dirty old bar soap by the sink, but we pointed out that he had insisted that students deliberatly avoid that bar soap.  Students had obediently used the antibacterial liquid soap from the school’s own dispenser that was in our science classroom.  Oh, but our science teacher was so smart and so slick, he thought up a lie and he thought it up quick. With all the teacherly authority he could muster, (yes, he even pointed to his degree on the wall) he silenced all debate by enunciating clearly and carefully to us know-nothing 7th grade dummies that by cleaning off ALL the germs, MORE germs had returned to repopulate the skin of the washed hands than had been there before washing, and THAT’S why the cleaned hands grew more germs. HUH????!! Even as a 7th grader, I knew somebody – somewhere – was selling me a line of bull. In hindsight, I now recognize this as the greatest day of science class in my entire life. The experiment had not been botched! It had proven that the Germ Theory hypothesis was fallible and that other variables in conditions determine the ultimate outcome.  Translation: You can’t blame everything on germs.

My infant daughter caught pinkeye over the weekend.  Bad Mommy that I am, I couldn’t stop people from breathing on her… I couldn’t stop the air from circulating around her cute little eye-holes… and all because I haven’t yet purchased the Biodome for her to inhabit like the Bubble Boy.  Many well-meaning souls warned me that she needed to be taken in to see the doctor…  and, BOY, did our packed and busy holiday schedule clear up in the blink of an eye.   I confess that it has been a welcome relief.  I feel like getting on my knees and thanking God for holiday pinkeye as I take a welcome and much-needed rest, cuddling with my babies as we watch The Sound of Music together from our Pinkeye House of Death.

Now that we officially have the optical version of leprosy, it’s been amazing to see the people scatter.  We’re highly contagious, you know.  Though it really shouldn’t,  all the hubbub over our diseased state really amuses me.  I want to gently pat my aaagh!-baby-conjunctivitis-encrusted hands on their backs and  tell people not to worry!  I have treated pinkeye in all my kids and in myself without having to go near an allopath or spend $100+ for the privilege.  All you need is olive oil and lavender essential oil.  It’s so simple, even anyone who’s not Dr. God can do it.  It’s already started to clear up at our house, and the same thing can happen for you, too.  Here’s how:



Many thanks to Stephanie Maybe and Maddy Ashton. I swiped your adorable art… and lyric… off of YouTube.