Let me just come right out and be blunt: 2012 has been the year from hell for our family, but we are grateful that things have not been worse.  I have not had the time, energy or financial means to take care of my diet or  health. The temptation has been growing on me again to turn to the lifetime-dependency-built-in-wonder-tonics like ASEA and the oh-so-convenient pharmaceuticals… so much that I even began considering finding an allopath so I could go back on medication for my thyroid.  You see, my little biological tock is ticking it’s final tocks and I am tired of struggling with weight and energy issues.  Before totally throwing myself to the wolves, I decided to finally read the new edition of Stop the Thyroid Madness.  I forked out the $26 for the book and it’s shipping costs in the hope of being able to navigate better and figure things out easier, because confusion inevitably descends upon me when I go to the website.  I see now that maybe I was not recognizing a teaching of my faith… the one about what it means when one gets a stupor of thought (i.e. confusion).

It took me only a few days to read the thing, cover to cover, and this was the reaction I posted about it on my Facebook status update:

I’ve finished reading Stop the Thyroid Madness… and I don’t buy the pharmacentric viewpoint. While I did learn a lot from the book, one nagging question kept coming back:
If dehydrated chopped up pig thyroid is by far the best option WHERE did the PIG get it’s healthy thyroid? From the same place that we’re supposed to be getting ours: it’s diet. There is nothing magical about it. 

One of my friends commented that she had been raised on a farm and wasn’t sure she’d want to eat a pig’s diet, to which I responded:

Exactly. And since all thyroid hormones are iodine-based, why have the manufacturers of dessicated thyroid stopped measuring potency by iodine content and started measuring by T3 and T4 values? What pigs are NOT fed a grain-based diet nowadays? You’d have to go out of your way to give it to them in the Intermountain West, or in the Goiter Belt in Michigan/Illinois/Ohio…

Where the book helped me was to better understand the chemistry behind thyroid hormones and the difference between them.  I was also able to confirm what others have taught, that one member of the endocrine system is out of wack, they all are.  I also appreciated that this book originated from and encouraged patient self-advocacy.

However, I felt very uncomfortable with the unspoken paradigm from which the book was written.  Namely, that the one and only way out and through thyroid disease was through finding an allopath you could work with to give you the candy you wanted from BigPharma.  While I appreciated that they RECOGNIZED a connection between adrenal exhaustion and thyroid disease, I was alarmed at all the talk of self-experimentation, especially in later chapters that went on and on about adrenal fatigue and cortisol and figuring out how to balance all your hormone levels in your bloodwork. I immediately remembered my blogpost about the soundboard and realized that this is what Stop the Thyroid Madness was really advocating.  This isn’t the answer.

The answer HAS to lie with the path I have already found that I know is right.  The answer has to lie with herbs, proper diet, and proper nutrition.

Which is, yes, a lifestyle that I haven’t been able to live lately and hence the return of sickness.  While I have learned a lot from my studies with SNH, I haven’t been able to really put any into practice.  I mean, it’s a total life commitment that requires action from start to finish: the daily Mucusless Diet, the growing and harvesting and preserving of the herbs and herbal formulas.  If I don’t grow and harvest my own food and herbal medicine, then I have to buy it all, and that means expensive vegetables.  That means not knowing, even if you buy organic labeled produce or from the local farmer’s market what really happened to your food in the process and conditions of it’s growth.  The problem is even worse with herbs.  Who to trust?  A lot of the stuff out there in the health food store is just garbage with popular catchphrases of the newest herbal fads glued to the outside of the bottles.  Then, at home with our family’s diet, the struggle has been much of the same.  We’ve moved a lot, packed and unpacked over and over.  Because of the moves, we haven’t been able to grow a garden.  On top of that, our Vitamix broke in March, which is a key piece of equipment for me to help our diet stay on the raw and vegan side.  Because of the moves, I couldn’t get it fixed (tight cash flow, uncertain return shipping address).  Because of the moves,  there has been just NO time to study my SNH schoolwork.  Not to mention the kids, the housework, the shopping and cooking… BLAH!!!! I have been overwhelmed and I think that’s where this need for a quick fix is coming from.  I just want “fast food” herbalism.  I want to open a package and have it all there for me, ready for me to take, not making me have to think, work, formulate, study or do anything more than I am already juggling.  I want somebody else to be my herbalist for a while until I can stop the thyroid madness and get my life under control!  Therefore, I have found myself feeling drawn to Dr. Richard Schulze, the parallel torchbearer of the Dr. Christopher legacy.   I find his website refreshing.  I enjoy his bluntness. I enjoy that he gets to the point.  I like that he gives more details about what to expect and what you might see when doing the Incurables Program.  I like that I can open a box and not have to worry about anything else being required on my part, other than diet and exercise.

So when I went back online to search for another answer that did NOT involve pharmaceuticals and that DID involve Dr. Schulze.  Maybe I should have waded through all the SNH materials I bought and their websites, but I did what I felt drawn to do.  I found an old Curezone post which referenced Dr. Schulze and the thyroid, which led to another post on his website:

for balancing your thyroid hormones I suggest the Female Formula and SuperFood Plus. The Female Formula works to balance ALL of your endocrine organs, so not just the ovaries, but the thyroid also. And, the SuperFood Plus gives your body the nutrition it needs to build these thyroid chemicals.

Yes, please!  As I continued to read, I also remembered what Dr. Christopher had stressed: I have to do everything, all at once, all together, the whole program, without neglecting anything. I knew it was bigger than just eating pizza and popping a Lower-Bower Formula, an Herbal Calcium Formula and a Thyroid Maintenance Formula powdered pill everyone once in a while when I remembered.  I have to really, truly give up any animal products (eggs, dairy, all animal flesh) that I do not produce myself. Every day.  Probably forever.  I have to drink more water.  I have to be willing to see the grocery receipt for fruits and veggies reach over $100 a week and not freak out because there isn’t a box or package or can of anything else like pasta or cold cereal or Spam. I have to go outside.  I have to exercise every day.  I have to forget Asea for now and spend the money on live enzymes (the stuff only found in fresh juices, sprouted foods and raw foods).  I have to remember the law of witnesses… that when I run into the truth of the Word of Wisdomover and over and over and over again, someone is trying to tell me something and I need to listen. I have to actually do ALL the cleanses.  I have to actually try and do all the things I’ve been reading about that seem hard and scary and weird, like the cold sheet treatment and the… oh, uck… enemas.

Just before I sat down to write this, the doorbell rang.  It was the FedEx guy.  My Vitamix is back from getting it’s repairs.  Life has thrown down the gauntlet.  It’s time to get my game face on. It’s time to actually and faithfully live what I believe.  I have to accept that there is no other way to get better.

The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior,but Christ can change human nature. – Ezra Taft Benson.

JANUARY 2013 UPDATE:  I stumbled upon this blogpost late one night during the holidays and was just about blown away.  Never heard this stuff before!  I mean, is this for real?  Hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease???!!  And for some reason, it kind of annoys me… okay… it REALLY miffs me… that if people suddenly know so much about thyroid disease, they are making a business out of making desperately unwell people pay them a huge chunk of change for personalized hand-holding and kept-hidden knowledge.  In my opinion, this is not only greedy and unkind, it is unethical.  But maybe that’s just because of personal experience.  Dr. John Christopher published his formulas and gave them away to the world for free.   So did every great spiritual teacher.  I shudder to think of what would have happened if they hadn’t.  Furthermore, if the friend who introduced me to essential oils when I needed them so desperately had charged me money instead of sharing them with me freely and telling me not to worry about it,  the course my life took afterward would have been forever altered.   In turn, I can not, when I see a friend in need, ask them to reimburse me for something which is obvious to me that they need NOW, and which I know I have, and which I know would be a sin to withhold from them.  It has never, ever harmed me to act upon the stirrings of divine nature.   “Freely ye have received.  Freely give.”  Not this perpetually-portioned-out-professional-personal-coach-for-hire nonsense!  It’s so ancient Alexandria: you’ve heard of them, right?  They were the original selfish hoarders and confiscators of any and all forms of knowledge; who took every scrap of written wisdom they could find on any boat, camel or traveler entering into their city, but didn’t let any bit of the same stuff leave their city alive.  So read the graphic below at your own risk: I am not affiliated with them.   Writing a book would have been cheaper but then… aww… there wouldn’t have been as much money to be made.   OH, and don’t miss my FREE posts on myrrh, and the discovery I made of it’s effects on the thyroid and the hypothyroid condition!