Welcome 2013!  I have decided to try and blog a little more often this year than I did last year.  I have decided to use this blog to publicly keep track of some of the ideas and impressions that come to me as I dig into the origins of the Young Living empire, essential oils in general, and anything fascinating related to herbs, childbirth, or alternative medicine and healing.

Apparently there is a series of tapes out there, that all the Young Living big wigs have had.  You know, those guys given sparkly names like Diamond and Star, who got on board early enough and have been in the MLM organization long enough to be hauling in the dough by living off the purchases of rest of us.  I have found a link to the transcripts of these “ancient” tapes (which mention YL products no longer in existence) and I have become a private lurker, digging around like a relentless and incorrigible mutt… like Tintin and his little dog, Snowy.

Nowadays, new distributors like me know nothing about these tapes and all the glorious guts they contain.  We are left high and dry without any real meat or information behind the history or development of YL’s products and I think that is sort of unfair.  For example, when I enrolled in my second class at the School of Natural Healing, part of my purchase included ALL of Dr. Christopher’s lectures.  It only makes sense that we would get these, considering the fact that he is our great mentor and founder.  So why the mystery with the teachings of Gary Young?  It’s like being asked to follow Jesus Christ without being given personal copies of the Bible and Book of Mormon.

So, anyway, many posts this year will be of my musings as I nose around in the depths and caverns, away from all the glib advertising that beats around the bush where the FDA is hiding and doesn’t allow Gary to just come out and SAY IT.   So when it comes to blogging all this, instead of keeping it to myself or irritating my Facebook friends with unwanted information overload… well, let’s just say it’s easier to imagine there’s someone out there who cares what I’m thinking.  I am excited to share my discoveries with you.  Plus blogging with an audience in mind is better for my mental health than supposing that I am really just talking to myself, the FBI, the CIA,  Al Quaida and the profilers at the Department of Homeland Security.  For behold!!! I recently had a new distributor join up under me!!! Huzzah! Huzzah!  So maybe there really IS someone out there reading, a kindred spirit out there searching, a like-minded nut out there interested in squirreling away the same nuggets of deliciousness that I’m flipping out over.  Here’s hoping that what I have to say IS interesting and important to the world at large which is so flooded with information and deliberate disinformation.

Why this new viewpoint and a renewed interest in blogging?  Over the Christmas holidays, I had the chance to study the properties of myrrh and frankincense as part of a gift that our family made for another family.  When I learned more about myrrh, I was totally blown away because it was like EVERY problem I’ve been struggling with for years is addressed by myrrh.  But there seems to be no easily accessible information to be had anywhere out there – at least not in English- about proper dosage, use and administration.

One of the things which my studies turned up is that myrrh is supposed to help women who have no menstrual cycles to become more hormonally balanced and to menustrate.  Hmmm… I decided to use myself as a guinea pig, began using a little bit of myrrh each day, starting around December 14.  Now, sorry if this is TMI, but my womb must be some kind of cast-iron tank, because I haven’t had a cycle since early 2009.  Nobody could figure out with my last pregnancy how in the world the child was conceived because there was no viable LMP date to go by.  Granted, when the baby was born in 2010, there was the typical bleeding after birth, but that doesn’t count as a cycle… and even after the baby naturally weaned in October 2012, still it seemed that my body took no notice.  I began to wonder if it all wasn’t my hermetically sealed cast-iron womb again after all… I began to wonder if I was perhaps already menopausal? Therefore, I find it astounding that it took myrrh only 2 weeks to bring on a visit from Aunt Flo when, even with a standing invitation,  I haven’t had the fortune of seeing the woman in these parts for 4 years!

So welcome to the renewal of Oilstories at WordPress.  Hope you find all my little treasures  of help to you and yours… or at least worth the time spent to read because the verbal pyrotechnics were all just so dang nutsy, you were riveted to your seat just by the entertainment value.