Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – Shakespeare

So I have put off posting this on here for various reasons… Let’s just come right out and say it: I don’ t enjoy bashing a company whose products, for the most part, I enjoy and also sell.  I don’t want them to go out of business, and I don’t want to drive away whatever consumer may be interested in them and in buying them from ME!  However, I despise dishonesty wherever it is found, and this ignored moral dilemma about the Slique line of products irks me TERRIBLY.  The product line was launched with much fanfare in 2012, but I had a bad feeling about it from the beginning, and the more I have learned, the more upset I have become.  This was the beginning of the souring of my attitude toward Young Living last year, and I haven’t quite recovered.  In my humble opinion, all other currently existing essential oil companies produce inferior products – YES, including DoTerra – but that DOESN’T get Gary Young or the  Young Living company off my official pooplist.  So I am, at least, repenting of my self-preserving MLM-profit-mongering silence by speaking out publicly in this post.  Gary Young, I dare you to be as honest.

In terms of Slique Essential Oil and all it’s related products, there should be NO dilemma IF the following information is true: I was told by my original upline leader and by her successor that Gary Young was LDS just like we were.  

Therefore, a presumably Latter-day Saint CEO with a large following of Latter-day Saint distributors and customers… or at least a professedly Christian CEO who quotes out of scripture and makes religious allusions in writing and speech…  should NOT hide behind a veil of misinformation and just plain bullshit to sell a product which violates the tenants of his faith.  A faith which he embraces and snuggles right up to, in order to peddle his products to religiously-leaning, truth-seeking people at both ends of the spectrum. Christian/Mormon or New Age, they are all looking for a higher, more enlightened way to health and abundance than the well-trod path of allopaths and pharmaceuticals.  My apologies to those of my nearest and dearest on Facebook, because this is old news to them.  I am publicly posting what they already read in one of my status updates last year.  To the rest of you, READ ON:

I am wondering why the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, who I have been told multiple times is LDS, is pushing a new campaign promoting Slique Tea, which is basically jade oolong tea with essential oil additives. It’s supposed to be the latest, greatest weight loss miracle.

Well, I have a question for Gary Young: Whether or not you are LDS, have you ever heard of a little thing that Mormons believe called the Word of Wisdom? You know, that health code which is a tenant of their religion? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there a conflict of interest here? If I, as a Latter-day Saint sell this tea, then I am making a profit off of something which is against my religion, and if I as a Latter-day Saint partake of this tea, could I lose my temple recommend?  While the caffeine and Word-of-Wisdom debate continues to rage in the Church, the General Authorities ARE quite clear that we are NOT to drink teas.  By teas, they mean products made from the many varieties of the  tea leaf  and not hot-water herbal infusions.  Herbal infusions were used by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and others of the early LDS Church; all could clearly distinguish between the two.  (But try as you might to convince some bishops, they will not believe the difference between teas and herbal infusions nor take the time to research it out for themselves.  I had a leader who condemned ALL hot herbal drinks but still drank hot cocoa.  What?!  So how does one categorize  soups and broths?  As hot drinks too?  But I digress…)

If he is LDS, I don’t understand how Dr. Young can sleep at night. If he is not LDS, I don’t understand how he can withhold this important information from the LDS contigent of his company without any feeling of remorse. Maybe he just stuffs his pillowcase with all the conscienceless cash he’s raking in.

Dr. Young is also running a contest right now called the SLIQUE CHALLENGE, where you, YES YOU, can become the unpaid and exploited poster child for their new product .  Oh, which would also make you one of their human guinea pigs on a new, untested product ad infinitum… All for the amazing one-time “prize” (i.e. legally required compensation) of $5000 while they make millions.

Unbelievably Pompous Excerpts from the official SLIQUE CHALLENGE Rules:

1. Member must be present at the 2012 International Grand Convention to earn the grand prize  [estimated total cost for convention => $400, probably over $1000 with travel and food expenses]

2. Member must Purchase a Slique Kit each month of the challenge to qualify for a grand prize.  [estimated total cost for monthly kits = > $1000, since they cost over $200 apiece, and remember the grand prize is only $5000]

10. Participation in the SLIQUE Challenge and/or acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for Young Living to use, without notice or further compensation, worldwide and in perpetuity, any participant’s photo, likeness, biographical information, statement and voice in any and all media for any purpose including, without limitation, advertising and promotional purposes as well as in or in connection with any Young Living website or the Slique challenge or other challenges or promotions; each participant hereby releases Young Living from any liability with respect thereto.

So you have to be rich to even play, and then you get to bend over and smile while the company pimps-out you and your story as much as it wants to, as long as it wants to. They get to make millions while you get to be an uncompensated inflatable doll with their logo tattooed on your forehead.

I’m seriously thinking that I might just quit being a distributor over this.


UPDATE: I asked my upline leader about my problem with the oolong tea, ocotea and caffeine. Here was her response:

There is no caffeine or tannins in Slique Tea and Gary would never go against his beliefs. Please see my notes below from Gary’s training on the recent leadership cruise:

What is the difference between the caffeine in coffee & slique tea:

The caffeine in Slique Tea is not a problem. When you take your slique tea and put it in hot water (180 degrees) and let it stand 5-10 minutes before drinking, the caffeine flashes off. In Taiwan at the Tea Research Center, they scrape the caffeine off the ceiling in the labs. There is some caffeine in the ocotea but it is a very minute amount and cannot be detected. Also, the there is very little caffeine in the oolong tea and the oolong doesn’t have the acidic level that coffee does.

So, as of this moment I am not sure what to think. Tea experts say that jade oolong should be brewed in “slightly cooled water between 82°C and 93°C (180°F – 200°F).” Meanwhile, herbalists have taught me that to eliminate the alcohol in herbal tinctures, one should put them in fresh-boiled water, too, and let them set. I can understand how alcohol can evaporate… but caffeine? Really?

One of my FB friends wisely commented,

Um… boo, hiss. I’m not very public in my faith and tend to be a quiet participant who only answers questions when asked. But this definitely seems like a cop out for trying to keep up with fads and needing to create new line. I dunno if I’d quit distributing if I truly loved and believed in the product? But I might not try to sell this item… tough one.”


!!! Well, knock me over with a google! I learned something new today. So… just how does the average Mormon consumer get their Slique Tea’s  water to a scalding hot 180 degrees? And is that in Fahrenheit or Celsius?



At what temperature does caffeine evaporate?

Answer:  Evaporation of caffeine?

Caffeine doesn’t evaporate,

it sublimes at 178 Celsius,

which means that it goes directly

from solid to gas…

not from solid to liquid to gas.

And… at 180 degrees Celcius what happens to the essential oils that are so good for you and the reason you are buying and drinking the product? Do they, um, “flash off”, too?  I would think so.  Forget to mention that, Gary?

Comment from another FB friend:

Ok, im not LDS…but if drinking caffeine were against my religion that seems to be a very fine line to walk and i wouldnt want to walk it! “oh the caffeine flashes off”…sounds a little dismissive to me! just sayin’….

Been mulling this over… 178 degrees C is equal to 352.4 degrees F.

So… does that mean I can eat anything made with coffee or tea if it’s baked??

I know that this high temperature definitely violates the principles of low-heat cooking, which preserves enzymes. Like when I dehydrate things, trying to keep the machine temp below 115 F.

I think my friends are right and my upline is spewing propaganda.

Slick Willy?  Or should I say Slique Gary? I – AM – NOT – HAPPY. 

These are the best essential oils in the world…

but the direction this company and CEO is turning

in the promotion of the S$$$$$lique line


(And no, it’s not with Frankincense either, my loves)

Has My Little World Become So Disillusioned As To Discover $lique Willy Among My Own Trusted Friends?


Welcome to DUPE-VILLE!

“Utah’s large Mormon population has become a prime target for con artists and swindlers who annually gyp the state’s residents out of hundreds of millions of dollars. … Federal prosecutors say the state has gained a national reputation as ‘test market for scams.’ ‘If it works here, they take it on the road. …It has happened time and time again. … It’s very easy for people to bridge the gap from unbelievability to believability if church affiliation is used.’ …Mormon leaders denounced the scheme in a stinging editorial which asked, ‘Why do people take chances like this? Why do people gamble?’ One answer. ‘Their greed gland gets stuck. … [I]n this culture, financial success is often equated with righteousness.” (Peter Gillins, Sunday Star Bulletin and Advertiser, Honolulu, Jan. 10, 1982.)

Just another nail in the coffin: it was, of course,  a rich croney who won. (It slays me how all the newsletters and promotional materials pushing the annual convention which are sent to me from Young Living are addressed to their upper-level earners, as if the rest of us distributors don’ t even exist, or are stupid enough to want to aspire to something that will probably make us go broke if we work hard enough at it.) As of January 2011, there were a total of 161,500 Distributors and 28,000 Customers in Young Living… Only 21 individuals in all of Young Living’s 161,500 Distributors have reached Diamond or Crown Level. That means that less than 1 in 7,700 Distributors is a Diamond or a Crown.  Yeah, the challenge winner was a Diamond –  someone who could afford to buy the Slique kits every month because of the shoulders of the network of all the people she was standing on and living off of.  (That’s why we underlings are called legs.)  I sure feel sorry for all the poor schmuck Have-Not distributors  who might now  live in mud-walled houses with dirt floors and ceilings, because of all the Slique products they bought…  all because of the false hopes raised that they could wrest 5K away from the Haves.   All along , it was about as possible as getting  caffeine to evaporate out of Slique Tea.

“Why should we labor this unpleasant point? Because the Book of Mormon labors it, for our special benefit. Wealth is a jealous master who will not be served halfheartedly and will suffer no rival—not even God. … ‘Ye cannot serve God and mammon.’ (Matt. 6:24.) In return for unquestioning obedience wealth promises security, power, position, and honors, in fact anything in this world. Above all, the Nephites like the Romans saw in it a mark of superiority and would do anything to get hold of it, for to them ‘money answereth all things.’ (Eccl. 10:19.) … ‘Ye do always remember your riches,’ cried Samuel, ‘… unto great swelling, envyings, strifes, malice, persecutions and murders, and all manner of iniquities.’ (Hel. 13:22.) Along with this, of course, everyone dresses in the height of fashion, the main point being always that the proper clothes are expensive—the expression ‘costly apparel’ occurs 14 times in the Book of Mormon. The more important wealth is, the less important it is how one gets it.” (Hugh W. Nibley, Since Cumorah, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1967, p. 393.)

UPDATE Feb 23, 2015: I stopped the Essential Rewards program in mid-2014.  This means that I must maintain distributorship status by ordering once a year. I haven’t placed an order yet this year, partly because I learned that the shelf life of essential oils is only 1-2 years. So now I find myself trying to burn through the inadvertent stockpile of oils I bought through and because of the Essential Rewards program before they go bad. 😡

UPDATE June 4, 2015: Holy craptastic, Batman. I got a good look at the new contract that independent distributors are required to sign. No. Freaking. Way. am I going to sign that document. Pages of punishments and prohibitions and warnings that make it very clear, o peon workhorse, that you are just a pawn on the YL chessboard and have NO real or vested interest in this company. People who agree to the contract (and you must, in order to use the website, of course, hahaha) essentially sign away all their rights, acknowledge that the company is the supreme being, and agree to be sued, at their expense (yeah, you pay for THEIR lawyers), if YL ever deems that said independent distributor has harmed “Gary Young Inc.” Guess I won’t be a distributor much longer. Sad. Because I really liked their stuff, and would still probably buy it off a shelf. A shelf where one would presume there isn’t this great big stupid litigious string attached to the bottle.