THE DYING SOLDIER is an Appalachian Folk Song originally recorded in 1928 of Baptist preacher and musician, Buell Kazee.  Late in the 20th century, a beautiful choral arrangement based on Kazee’s work was created by Nigel Short and Mack Wilberg.

Good Soldier Joseph


The transcription for autoharp is mine but it is completely based on Short & Wilberg’s arrangement. The video attached is also mine, but be aware that the music is in a different key than the transcription. Both the transcription and the video are my witness that the American prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr., died innocent and that he was all that he said that he was. That is why I call it Going As A Lamb.

also known as “O Brother I Am Dying Now” or “Brother Green”

F — G7— E7— F

Bb — G7— E7 —F

Bb —  G7—  E7—  F — Bb

O-h [F] brother Green, oh co-me to me,
For [Bb]I am shot a-n-d [F] bleeding,
Now [Bb] I must die, [F] no more to [Bb] see,
My [F] wife and my dear [Bb] children.

The [F] fighting foe has la-id m-e low,
On [Bb] this cold ground t-o [F] suffer,
Stay [Bb] brother stay and lay [F] me [Bb] away,
And [F] write my wife a [Bb] letter.

Oh [Dm] brother I am [F] dy-ing now,
Oh I do [Bb] die s-o [F] easy,
Surely [Bb] death has [F] lost it’s [Bb] sting,
Be [Eb] cause I love my Jesus. [C] 

Oh [F] tell my wife she m-ust n-ot grieve,
Oh [Bb] kiss my lit-tle [F] children,
For [Bb] they will cry for [F] me in [Bb] vain,
When [F] I am gone
[Bb] When [F] I am gone
[Bb] When [F] I am gone into [Bb] hea-ven [F].

G7 —  E7 — F

Bb — G7 — E7 — F 

Bb —  G7—  E7—  F — F

Going As A Lamb