imageIt has been a few months since I last updated my breathlessly awaiting public as to the news of my health journey. To all two of you, I wish to state that the wait is over! Here’s the news:

I have now completed three of the four health evaluations required by my practitioner. I am anxious to complete the fourth one, but money is particularly tight at present, and there are more pressing needs in the family than my own. However, with what information my doctor did glean from blood, urine and supplement screenings, we have confirmed this much-

  1. I definitely have Hashimotos autoimmune thyroiditis. The good news is that it is not seriously flaring up at present. The not-so-good news is that the fourth evaluation may uncover more auto-immune diseases, since they often snowball like that, as health declines. However, by remaining committed to the dietary/supplement protocol, I am still healing my body and helping to promote my health, no matter what else may be wrong with me.
  2. I definitely had imbalances which were discovered by the screenings. For example, my Vitamin D levels, which should be around 50 for someone like me, were only at a 12. I was shocked to tears when I reviewed the copy of my hormone profile – I knew something was wrong, but felt like nobody believed me, or at least could not tell, from their labs and their knowledge/skill set,  that anything was really wrong with me. It was both validating and frustrating to see the truth of my hormonal status. How does one yell, “At last!” and “Oh, all these wasted years!” at the same time, exactly? Now I understand why the much-wanted missing babies never came, or never were able to stay long.
  3. My doctor developed a personalized plan of dietary supplementation just for me, based on real data, not medical tradition or mindless protocols. Though some were a bit weird to me at first,  I can now confidently report that they are doing no harm. I am also doing my part to do the very best I can to obey the protocol. I have been supplementing for a little over a month now. We followed a partial program at first, and then, when more results/info came, added more to the program.
  4. Actual, persistent obedience to the required diet is key to this whole thing. I have been grain-free, dairy-free, with no processed food, no nuts/seeds/legumes and no sugars since the middle of this summer. I eat low-sugar fruit, most vegetables, certain meats, and that’s just about it. I know God has been helping me to have the strength to do this for so long now. I think He can do that because my resolve is “sincere, with real intent, having faith in Christ” and because I have decided to utilize my own power. (Just like Dorothy was finally ready to use those all-powerful ruby slippers one day, instead of being afraid or unbelieving.) Yes, I really have given up dairy forever. It becomes easier, actually, once you say “never, never again” instead of deceiving yourself with rationalizations like “just this one last time.” I view these substances as personal poisons, which if injested, only provide fuel (or guns and bullets) with which my immune system can attack my own cells. Another key to “the power of no” is the principle of “What seek ye?” More than dairy, more than grain, I want my health back, and I am willing to give up all my dietary “sins” to know health. The power to do comes from wanting my health back more than anything else, even that chocolate birthday cake with vanilla custard ice cream, and that pizza at the party, and that creamy-delicious looking casserole at the church potluck. During our most recent consultation, my doctor actually gave the okay for me to try adding back in three certain foods. But I haven’t done it yet. I waited to make really sure the supplements agreed with my body, so if something went amiss, the food and not the supplement, would receive the proper blame. Yes, Thomas Edison was correct when he said, “That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed, but the power to do has increased”… But I have also appreciated “the Radiant side of the Force” – my team in all things good – the support, patience and understanding of my “Rebel” family, and the kindly expertise of my “Jedi-master” doctor, whose knowledge and helping aids have given me enabling power, making my own capacities greater, so that I discover, to my joy and sometimes shock, that I am actually succeeding this time! Oh lovely light saber, where have you been all my life?!
  5. My daughter caught a glimpse of me scampering thought the house with a towel last week and exclaimed, “Mom! Oh, Mom! If I could wolf-whistle at you, I would! You’ve lost so much weight!” I was kind of shocked. I had thought nothing was happening. I swear, I kept checking that scale on the floor and, nope, nothing was happening. I even bought a new scale, since the first was so beat-up anyway. Nope, nothing. But I went to check again after the big deal she made. Wha-a-a-at?! No WAY! I thought maybe the new scale was broken, too. Unwilling to believe my eyes, I went to our small local doctor’s office today, a wonderfully accommodating practice that lets people do things like walk in unannounced and allow them to use the office scale. I stood there and stared at numbers I have not seen for at least 6 years. Hot dog!! This is for real! I think I have lost 32 pounds! This is the most quantity or chunk of weight I have ever lost -ever – even after having a baby. This is the lightest weight I have been since leaving my home state and relocating 5 years ago… I think it might even be less than what I was before I conceived my last child! I have even broken past the “glass wall” weight point I have lingered on and been unable to descend below for at least 4 years now, even with my best efforts at exercise! (Haha, I am 17 pounds below that!!) I have not exercised at all, yet I’ve lost more weight in less time than I ever have before in my life -EVER, Ever, ever, ev-errrrr! (How do you like THAT echo, oh universe?!) I suspect that much of the weight loss is water weight, because I have peed ALOT, which my body has released as the inflammation reaction from the auto-immune cells to allergen foods has finally ceased. No flare ups mean no more necessity to hang onto the “fire brigade.” My strict obedience is starting to pay off. 😀