image<<<Awwwww, YEAH!>>> My only problems are deciding just where  should I begin this gleeful report, and stopping my exultant victory dance long enough to update all two of my adoring public. Ha.

DIET: Admittedly, I have been on the recovery diet longer than I had anticipated I would be. It’s been about 5 months total now. Yes, sometimes it has been difficult: my most recent challenge being Thanksgiving dinner, but I still want health, weight loss, and the possibility of another baby MORE than I want to stuff myself silly with white flour, white sugar, hydrogenated fat, dairy and other auto-immune aggregating foods.

SUPPLEMENTS: I take what my DC prescribes, most of which comes from Apex Energetics. There’s an adrenal-assisting multivitamin, and medicated creme. There’s fish oil. Then we added Vitamin D drops, digestive enzymes, and Pregnenolone drops. What I really appreciate is that my chiropractor lives in the real world, where not everyone can plunk down half a clam at every visit for supplements. I had a nutritionist like that once, and never once did he do anything to address the foundation: to change my diet FIRST, like Dr. Clark has. I also like that I can use my HSA account for payment on both the appointments and the supplements. This has been hugely helpful. 🙂

ENERGY: It’s ever-so-slowly increasing as the days and months go by. Near the end of October, I actually found myself wanting exercise, like, craving it. Then Old Man Winter arrived and brought his old lady, Car Wreck. God protected all of us, including my kids, who were passengers that night as I was driving home. Nobody was seriously hurt, and a local chiropractor has been doing a wonderful job for the past few weeks, fixing what damage I sustained to my neck and back. So, despite the temporary setbacks and stressors resulting from the totaled vehicle, things are coming around. I’ve even done a few short 5 minute sessions on my cellerciser this week, just health bouncing for now, but it’s a start! 🙂 Also included in the energy category is libido; she’s doing just fine, too.

WEIGHT LOSS: My last official weigh-in was November 19, and I am due for another one, since I think I am down a little more now. It was 226 pounds,  baby! From my heaviest weight ever, that’s about a 50 lb weight loss in just 5 months, with no effort besides extreme diligence from fork-to-face!  <<<Awwww, YEAH!!>>>


DRESS SIZE: Let me translate the above paragraph for you into the language of Shopease. One thing I definitely want to accomplish is getting OUT OF the Plus Sizes. At my heaviest, the You-Will-Soon-Be-4x distress was looming large for me. Dark visions – of only being able to wear mumus pretty soon, which could very well mean mumus of buffalo robes in the dead of our Montana winters; being forever perceived as something akin to Katishaw from Rogers and Hammerstein’s the Mikado, with only a lovely shoulder-blade to my credit; and having to be buried in a piano case and carried to the cemetery by bulldozer – had all begun to seriously haunt, and even stalk me. I was a very tight size 24, in denial I was probably a side 26, and tightening 3x in June 2015.

While my oldest child and husband worked on the pies and mashed potatoes Thanksgiving Day, I fled for some relief to the basement, and decided to break into a box I had long ago taped shut with long sighs and self-loathing. It contained three outgrown garments I just could not throw away: a dirndl purchased in Germany when I traveled there as a teen, the dress I wore on the night my husband proposed to me, and my wedding dress. Well, guess what, darling? The wedding dress fits me perfectly again, with just the right amount of looseness. Its label says 22, but it was more like a 20/21. I was also able to get into and zip up the engagement dress, which is a size 20, but I won’t wear it in public yet because it’s still too tight when I sit down. Betcha it won’t be by New Year’s Eve… Valentine’s Day, at the latest. 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! So this is what I thought of, gloried in, was thankful for, and set my future sights on as the apple, lemon and pumpkin pies, with ice cream and Cool Whip, slid down everyone else’s throats at our Thanksgiving table. And I was glad. And it was enough to imagine a feast in my future: of renewed fertility and/or me in my drop-dead gorgeous forties, with all the physical evidence of the miserable 90’s with my ex-husband completely disappeared and gone forever, as if they had never happened at all. There is no better, cleaner, healing vengeance than that kind of forgetting. <<<Awwww, YEAH!!>>>


So, at present, I “struggle” with my size 24 jeans just about ready to fall off my hips, but waiting until they actually do in order to save money on buying too many clothes as I shrink down from dress size into dress size… All of which will be something skinnier and sexier than my husband has ever seen. Hahahahahaha!

WHAT’S NEXT: I am hoping to get one last lab done, which I have been putting off because of limited fundage. Dr. Clark has also mentioned some next steps he hopes to take in regard to further improving my gut health and hormonal balance. 2016 is looking much more hopeful to me than 2015 ever did. 😀

WHO: He is helping me, as he has helped so many others, on an individual, case-by-case basis. “There IS hope and healing ahead, plenty of it.” Check him out, my friends.

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