Lyrics:  Katharine L. Moore (2001)
Tune: “Thaxted” (Gustav T. Holst)

When the Savior lad upon the ground deep in Gethsemane
He pled, “Father, please remove this cup – All is possible in Thee.
But, if not, I bow my will and I submit it unto Thee”
Then He groaned beneath the burden; suffered that man might be free.
I remember the Atonement of God’s Beloved Son:
The strict demands of Justice by Mercy overcome.

Mercy is the Balm in Gilead that makes the wounded whole
Mercy is the Balm in Gilead that heals the sin-sick soul
“When a man demands a mile, endure it cheerfully,
Then with mercy, of thine own will, walk the second mile for free…
Do good to them that curse thee, use thee despitefully…
What thou dost unto thy neighbor is done again to me.”

Will I be a friend to Mercy, or Justice will I seek?
For that same measure which I mete shall mete again to me.
Now both sides of the mirror are very plain to see:
I choose to show great mercy or choose a judge like me.
Forgiveness and Repentance form one eternal round:
What mercy I show others from God can than be found.

I vow to thee, my Father, to mourn with those that grieve,
Comfort those in need of comfort, and give all men relief.
For there is no other way or name whereby man can be saved,
‘Tis only through the merits, life and mercy Jesus gave.
I will follow the example my Savior set for me.
Let me overcome through charity; return again to Thee.

Jehovah is the Great and Mediating One.
He will plead before the Father for those who mercy own,
“Oh Father, please remember the suff’ring of thy son,
For my sake, let them enter. Obedient, they’ve shown
That they do love Thee, Father, and love Thy children too.
They have proven faithful servants. My grace now brings them through.”