Empty your spit-valves and grab your banjos! THIS is the bandwagon I’m climbing on today, and every day ever afterward: Actually living the Word of Wisdom through following a  Whole Foods Plant Based (WFPB) “Eat the Rainbow” Vegan diet.

Eureka, I have finally found it, and I am willing to commit, for life.

I don’t think Dr. Clark is going to like it, but I can’t return to the level of meat-eating which he and so many other healthcare practitioners believe is necessary and inevitable for people with auto-immune (AI) disease.

When I announced this on Facebook, my friend Kathy commented,
“WFPB is exactly what works for me best and what i actually like to eat but im lazy and so have not gotten back to it. Eat to Live and Forks Over Knives both really spoke to me and made so much sense. I need to focus and recommit.”

I responded,
Awesome, Kathy. Yeah, my functional endocrinologist/nutritionist really spooked me a few months ago. He’s the one who helped me lose the weight and get pregnant. He himself has an AI (or two? I think?), and like most people with auto-immune disease, he has progressively acquired a few others. He said it was NOT POSSIBLE for me to be vegan with an AI, period. Other members of my faith also reject vegetarianism, so they likely would also reject WHOLE FOODS plant-based veganism: pointing to one verse of scripture while ignoring a few others, or at least not understanding the context and circumstance in which they were given. But… my conscience has continued to bother me. I just finished reading Proteinaholic, and it was the final kick in my seat that I needed. It was like Dr. Davis wrote down my own doubts and the thoughts of my own head, and then did the research to answer them. So I am willing to relinquish my grasp on the animals now. In our abundance – there is no need.

I am loving this refutation that the author of Discovering the Word of Wisdom,  Jane Birch herself, shared with me on her Facebook group yesterday. Jane has thyroid disease too. I don’t know where whe found this info, but hallelujah! Where have you been all my life, darling?
Autoimmune Diseases and WFPB

Then, my friend Debby commented,
“LOL! It’s a process. I’m happy for you.”

I responded,
A process? Like that “download in process” bar? I have been “processing” this in my CPU since falling sick during my 2005 pregnancy. I’ve wondered if maybe I’d be stuck in the Mac’s “spinning wheel of death” cursor mode forever. But I kept trying. Made a big mess, made lots of mistakes, but I am already dairy free, own a Vitamix, etc… Lots of little steps made in the past to build on. But THIS? This is the big jump across the Grand Canyon. The divorce. The abandonment of my summer cottage in “Babylon”, including the animals or their products that I ate there. I was afraid to fully, completely submit to this as a lifelong lifestyle before. But I’ve jumped out of the airplane now, with my rainbow parachute to carry me. Time for the wild ride of the two-man tandem jumping band.

Proteinaholic: How our obsession with meat is killing us and what we can do about it,  by Dr. Garth Davis

The China Study (new 2017 revised edition) by T. Colin Campbell. See also T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Discovering The Word of Wisdom website


=========== Moroni 7:16-17=======

16 For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.

17 But whatsoever thing persuadeth men to do evil, and believe not in Christ, and deny him, and serve not God, then ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of the devil; for after this manner doth the devil work, for he persuadeth no man to do good, no, not one; neither do his angels; neither do they who subject themselves unto him.

[The Paleo Diet philosophy assumes the godless theory of evolution to be true.


=============Moroni 10:4=======

“And when ye shall RECEIVE these things,
[A gift can be given but it isn’t received until it is accepted, used and enjoyed.]

I would EXHORT you 
[exhort=seriously beg, ask on my knees, beseech, plead as if your safety, security, happiness or even your life depended on it… because I know it really does but won’t force the choice on you.]

that ye would ASK GOD, the Eternal Father, 
[not science, not “experts”, not pop culture, not the world’s idolized icons, celebrities, and supposedly learned men. Not friends, family, neighbors. Nope. Ask the Creator. The Intelligent Designer who made this human body, this earth, and the whole Plan behind why we’re here in the first place. “Ask Dad, He Knows”.]

in the name of Christ, if these things are not true 
[Well, are ALL of the Word of Wisdom, Daniel’s law, and Levitical dietary guidelines given by God since Eden true or aren’t they? I believe the answer lies behind this door of prayer between me and God; the eternal sacrifice of the Savior being the key that unlocks it to me.]

and if ye shall ask with a SINCERE heart,
[Yes, I really really mean this, God. No lie. I really DO want to know.]

[If you will tell me the truth, and/or confirm what I have determined to be the correct answer -by the quiet, peaceful assurance of personal revelation – I fully intend to further ACT upon that witness],

[because I know I can’t do this new thing without His sustaining help… And that I CAN with it ; when I abide in Him, when I stay with Him, so that He can stay with me.

[as in, God, our Heavenly Father, the subject of this sentence],

will manifest 
[manifest = literally translated from the Latin as “show his hand”]

the truth of it unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost.
[truth = things as they really were, things as they really are, and things as they really shall be.]


UPDATE 13 Jan 2017:
Things are going well. Everyone says they have more energy, feel less bloated, and have more regularly operating plumbing. This is even noticeable in the baby.Everyone is HAPPIER, maybe because we aren’t partaking in the energy of miserable factory-farm animals anymore. There’s more scripture reading going on. More singing….

I think the key for me was understanding the RATIOS. We were trying but we were out of balance. We’d already eliminated dairy, refined sugar/flour/oil/salt. We’d eliminated most processed and canned foods. We were doing great on fresh, raw produce, (especially fruit). But it wasn’t synced yet.

An special mention, here, about the nursing. We are getting more wet diapers, more soiled diapers, and more frequently. It went from seeing poop every 4 days or so, to multiple times a day. Baby is also putting on fat, which baffles me. My milk supply definitely increased by going vegan.

Fresh, raw produce.
Water, distilled.
Home-produced jar-sprouted greens (ah, but diligence!)
Home-produced fermented food (oh, diligence!)

Home-produced soil-sprouted greens (diligence!)

Remembering Skin: Our largest organ
Natural, botanic personal care and cleaning products.
Avoiding synthetic fibers (so, using cotton – wool – silk – )

Reconciling Hashimotos with the Word of Wisdom:
Home-produced soil-sprouted wheat, barley and rye. Eating blades before 7th day, while they are gluten-free. (not juicing. Blending WHOLE and RAW and FRESH in smoothies).

 Non-starchy vegetables
Seed-grains (buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, etc)
Sunshine (Vitamin D)
Fresh Air

“WHOLE-GRAIN” PROCESSED FOOD (pasta. store-bought breads and cereals)
WHOLE GRAINS (just in terms of ratio-to-diet)
WHOLE NUTS and SEEDS (ratio-to-diet)
 WISHY-WASHY  (Pastry. Pizza. Chocolate. Frozen “ice cream”.)

Yup. I understand now that we threw a wrench in the entire program by adding animal proteins and fats. It undid and reversed all the benefits we were trying to obtain via our misunderstanding of WFPB. Oh, and we were eating too many oils. Will I remain so hooked that I won’t give up mayonnaise until I’m in my coffin?  I’ve learned from Jane Birch that Hashimotos people LOVE overeating oils. 😦
Thyroid Disorders by Jane Birch

I think this fine-tuning is  why it is working this time. I am starting to understand, on an elemental level, what it is I am eating. I didn’t know which “family” to put my foods in, other than the ones I’d been indoctrinated with at school. Now I know it’s fiber and glucose. As close to its natural, whole state as possible, and in a raw form frequently. I know that I have a gut to heal: this means chewing or blending my food, remembering lacto-fermentation too. I am excited, optimistic and hopeful.


UPDATE 16 Mar 2017:

There were just two instances where we ate meat between our January update and last Saturday. Then, I just about went bonkers last Friday night, with an overwhelming craving for beef. Think of poor Rapunzel’s mother and multiply that by ten. I had floaters show up in my eyes, and then migraines, followed by nausea, as the day kept wearing on without that beef. My husband thought all this was caused by eye strain, and that I just need new glasses, but it was more than that. The longing was like my whole body was having a toddler’s tantrum, screaming at me. When I woke up the next morning with the eye pain, headache, and nausea still there, I went ahead and bought some red meat on Saturday, thinking maybe that the reason everything was going haywire with my eyes was that it was the only place left for the body to find nutrients for my nursing baby. Who happens to be huge, by the way, so yes – vegans can nurse. (I haven’t lost any weight breastfeeding, of course, but I never do.)  Then again, last night, the craving for meat showed up again so we ate some fish. I really do want to get back on the vegan band-wagon, but at this point, it’s like I am choosing between misery and an ideal that I want but can’t afford to achieve.

Furthermore, the balance on the plate has been HARD to maintain for our family of 6.  We can buy the starches – the potatos, yams, rice, beans, etc – in bulk just fine. But it is the fresh side of the plate that has proven a challenge. It’s just plain expensive to eat that much produce, especially where we live in the middle of nowhere. We’re blowing through the cash, and we just don’t have a lot of it. So we have, of necessity, had to go much heavier on the starch side, which means our meals have been unbalanced and not according to the ideal. Which leads me to believe we’re not really following the diet because we can’t afford to. This heavy starch thing is -I think – why I always feel sick at the end of winter, too. I’m just not getting enough produce. Ugh. There is one grocery store monopolizing everything, and the nearest one after that is the same chain, and 25 minute drive away. We have no Costco nearby to enable us to eat lots of fresh organic produce at bulk prices.

Second, I am not convinced that my body is digesting what I am eating. Perhaps the rest of my family is, but my bowels have slowed right back down again, to some form of on-again, off-again, mostly ribbonlike constipative runs. I get random “ghost pains” here and there. My kidneys are bothering me, too. Worst of all, just like I had before working with Dr. Clark. Plus, I am starting to wonder if maybe the “eat for your blood-type” folks  may not have a point somewhere. I am the only member of my family with an active case of auto-immune disease (Hashimoto’s), the only one with O+ blood, and the only one who seems to be struggling to feel nourished on a meat-free, wheat-free diet. I have looked at some of the AI-Paleo stuff and wondered if maybe it is a dumb idea for me to be eating nightshades (tomatoes, potatos, peppers) or even rice. And is there any nut or grain out there that is safe, as in, easily digestible and not upsetting? I know what T Colin Campbell and Dr. McDougall teach about meat causing cancer, and I know I am not supposed to ever have meat or dairy or wheat or yeast ever again. But do you know how much that stinks to know when I am walking up and down grocery aisle after grocery aisle, frustrated and hungry?! Knowing that my biggest thing to look forward to is stuffing fresh grapes, water and salad greens into a Vitamix ?!  I don’t know what to do next. Eat meat once a week? Give up? Hope that the return of spring and summer will allow me access to cheaper produce, including growing my own? When I reread this paragraph I sound like a hypochondriac. Or a whiner. 😦

A piece of good news – my oldest daughter has dropped an incredible amount of weight, and from all the right places by going on this diet. She had the typical belly gut pudge that shows up in the late teens and early twenties in the female line of my family. Now it is completely gone. I am talking completely flat stomach. People are noticing her all the time, and telling her how good she looks. I think we have a die-hard vegan convert. I am happy for her, but miserable for me. This diet has not done anything nearly the same for me, or for my middle son. In the meantime, another daughter has been losing weight, which I don’t like, because she’s already on the slender side. My husband likes eating this way and says he feels better, but I worry about his health in the longterm, too. So why is it working for some of us but not all?