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WARNING: If you have not seen the movie yet, the remainder of this post is full of spoilers. I had to assume that readers had already seen the movie in order to write it.

Introduction to “More” (Outtake/Moana Original Soundtrack)
Lyrics and Analysis

– “Moana calm down”
–  How can you play?
– She stares at the sky, she stumbles down the beaches…
– My father the Chief, says “Don’t cross the reef”
– Slow down, dream small, don’t drown
– Can you drown at the call of the sea?
-‘Cause I can hear it calling me
– Ancestor’s “Aue, aue”
– Maui once spoke to the sea
– Maybe I was born to break the silence

On YouTube, I discovered another song that was taken out of the final version of Disney’s Moana.  It’s called “More”, and YouTube has two versions of it. After more digging, hahaha,  I learned that these songs are only available on a deluxe 2-CD version of the original soundtrack, and it’s NOT the 40-track version currently being sold by everyone from Amazon to Walmart.  Looking at the lyrics, I am very sorry that “More” was not included.

uscutiesI am even sorrier that the song is not spelled “Moore”, my surname, lol. I have a very good reason for that, besides absolutely adoring my husband. When I was praying for help and hope during my abusive first marriage and the aftermath, I can remember telling my Heavenly Father, with all my heart, that I wanted more. I think he showed his sense of humor in giving me what I asked for, plus another letter “o”, by leading me to My Man Moore.

I don’t know very much about the rough-draft story line of Moana , but I suspect that one of the reasons it was changed was because Disney didn’t want to alarm parents with an openly rebellious, discontented, disdaining daughter.  That kind of sullenness is something no parent wants to introduce or encourage to their girls. I think the other reason the story line may have been changed was because of the very high importance of Ohana, family, to the Polynesian people.

I can tell from the lyrics of “More” that animators would have been forced to depict quite a bit more inter-familial and inter-generational contention.  I know they also took out a scene where Moana had brothers and she entered and won a boat race against them, much to everyone’s dismay. That’s just a sorry recycling of the story of Princess Atalantantis, and I am glad Disney removed it.

baldmauiI’m also glad that producers really listened to and counseled with their Polynesian cohorts, avoiding another cultural disappointment like Pocohontas, Brother Bear,  The Princess and the Frog and even (somewhat) Lilo and Shrek were to minorities like me. (For example, the reason that Maui has hair, thereby retaining his mana (his integrity), and avoiding the appearance of a troll, orc or a bad imitation of Shrek is because Disney listened to and counseled with a group of actual Polynesian people rather than blindly enacting cultural appropriation like so many film-makers have done before now.

In short, I applaud Disney for choosing to minimize the conflict necessary for the plot development of Moana and ultimately whittling the disagreement down to how it is depicted in the final version. I truly believe that the spirit of contention is of the devil, so the less screen time it gets, the better. All of these details, combined, convince me further that this movie was divinely inspired from conception to finish. God’s hand was in it. I can’t be persuaded otherwise.

[Video: “More” (Outtake/Moana Original Soundtrack)]


Below are the lyrics to the 3 minute 17 second version of the “More” musical outtake from Moana. I suspect that this song is what was originally planned for the animation which now accompanies the song, “Where You Are”.  I love that song “with every beat of my proud corazon”!

Admittedly, “Where You Are” is a much more cheerful, happy musical setting that shines with First Peoples pride, showcasing positive aspects of Polynesian tradition, location, culture and family. You can feel their mutual love for each other: Moana for her people, and her people for her.  So in some ways, it’s a good thing “More” was deleted. However, I think altogether removing the song also shaved off important details of character development. The lyrics could have been tweaked and the song retained. But I wasn’t a part of these councils, so I don’t know the whole story. What I am glad about is that Disney chose to share this outtake with the public at all. They didn’t have to. They could have just kept it locked away in their computer’s recycle bin. I have put the lines from the song that I found important in orange boldface font, and underlined the ones I don’t like:

I count the steps from one end of my island to the other
It’s a hundred steps from where I sleep to the sea
And when I say I’ve learned all there is to know
Well there’s another little island lesson Gramma Tala shows me

I know where I am from the scent of the breeze
The ascent of the climb
From the tangle of the trees
From the angle of the mountain
To the sand on our island shore
I’ve been here before

There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
Someday I’ll be out on the sea
And I’m gonna see more
Yes, there’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always—

Moana, slow down

Sorry! I’m always in somebody’s way
They do the same thing every day
They work, they eat, they sleep, they pray
They tell me

“Moana calm down”

That’s all they ever seem to say
The other kids just dance and play
How can you play?
There’s so much out there to explore

[CHIEF TUI, Moana’s father]
She stares at the sky, she stumbles down the beaches
She mumbles all the names that her Gramma Tala teaches
With one foot here and another in the distant past

And I wanna soar
So much to explore

[SINA, Moana’s mother]
She’s growing up too fast   

Like I said before
There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more

One day I’ll be brave and sail on the wave
That leads me to more
There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more

My father the Chief, says “Don’t cross the reef”
But oh every turn I take, every trail I track
Every path I make, every road leads back to the sea
I’m standing at the edge of the sea
As they all say

Moana slow down
Moana dream small
Moana don’t drown

Can you drown at the call of the sea?
‘Cause I can hear it calling me

Aue, aue

A thousand years ago, we used to sail to distant islands
A thousand years ago, Maui spoke to the sea
So maybe, just maybe, I was born to break the silence

I know my story could be extraordinary
I know my story doesn’t end at the shore

There’s gotta be more I know there’s more, there’s always more
I’m gonna break through, and find something new
I’m gonna find more

There’s gotta be more
I know there’s more, there’s always more
One day I’ll decide to roll with the tide
And I’m gonna see

Moana stand tall

I will cross the divide, I will ride
I will see what’s on the other side

Moana stand proud

With the ocean as my guide, on the tide
I will go where no one’s ever been before
There’s always more


About the Underlined Sections
So here’s my analysis of the story that is inferred by the lyrics to “More”. Heir-to-the-throne Moana perceives her island kingdom as more than a jail than a paradise. She’s bored with it and she’s outgrown it. Already long knowing from her Grandma that she’s not being allowed to do what her ancestors did – who are much more awesome than her living family and her royal subjects – she’s already plotting her escape. (Oh my heavens, I am so glad they changed this!) She judges her slow, backward, mistakenly contented people and her people judge her in return. Ugh. We already saw this with Belle, and “there’s so much more than this provincial life!” Again, thank you Disney for changing this. I think we would all have sort of hated her as a self-absorbed, spoiled, privileged brat: blind to her own blessings and deliberately, determinedly ignorant to anything of moral value, if you hadn’t gutted the grousing grouch girl. The world didn’t need a movie about a Polynesian Paris Hilton and her companion rooster, Nicky Chickie.



So let’s begin with the lyric, Moana, calm down! Immediately I get flashbacks of people telling me the same thing in my youth and childhood. Stop caring so much about things, Katie! Stop being so passionate. You’re too romantic on that violin and it’s embarrassing me. Quit crying, you’re just oversensitive. To which I would wonder, “Why should I? What is wrong with you people? Why don’t you care enough?”

I remember how deeply I identified as a grade-schooler with the character named Fern from Charlotte’s Web. Her words still ring with the same sentiment as Moana’s exclamation, “How can you play?” Yes. How can everyone just spend their time playing around? As if they were the center of the universe? These things you are choosing to ignore are IMPORTANT! There is a bigger picture here, and the moral issues are NOT of little consequence. They are of eternal consequence! They need more people with eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to feel, minds to comprehend… then voices to speak, feet to run swiftly and hands to act. And they need them today and every day.

Mr. Arable stopped walking.

“Fern,” he said gently, “you will have to learn to control yourself.”

“Control myself?” yelled Fern. “This is a matter of life and death, andfern1 you talk about controlling myself?!” Tears ran down her cheeks and she took hold of the ax and tried to pull it out of her father’s hand.

“Fern,” said Mr. Arable, “I know more about raising a litter of pigsthan you do. A weakling makes trouble. Now run along!”

“But it’s unfair,” cried Fern. “The pig couldn’t help being born small, could it? If I had been very small at birth, would you have killed me?”

Mr. Arable smiled. “Certainly not,” he said, looking down at his
daughter with love. “But this is different. A little girl is one thing, a little runty pig is another.”

“I see no difference,” replied Fern, still hanging on to the ax. “This is the most terrible case of injustice I ever heard of.”

I am still Fern, and I think Moana is cut from the same cloth as we are.



“She stares at the sky, she stumbles down the beaches. She mumbles all the names that her Gramma Tala teaches, with one foot here and another in the distant past.” 
This lyric also reminds me of myself. A lot of the time I had just myself and my world of books for company and protection from the realities of my childhood. So I guess my sky was books and music. In my adulthood, I’m the village crazy lady.

My friends on Facebook confirmed it when I made Gramma Tala my profile picture once. Now I’m the one going around mumbling names as I do family history research and indexing. Kalanikauiokikilo, Hoapili, Kioniolaau… No longer a little girl, now I’m “Old Lady Fern”, still saving the world, even if only from inside my kitchen and in my very own backyard, or howling out of my fingers and into my keyboard about the injustices that should not be. Because to let go of the ideal would be to die, myself.

My Grandpa H was my Gramma Tala, mentoring me by his example of love for genealogical work. It still makes me shake my head and laugh at myself, sometimes, to find myself older and in his shoes; I have become just like him to my own posterity. So, combining the dream world of books and the lost world of lineages past, I’ve always used my mind to straddle different worlds, too.

I am so glad Disney removed the scheming, plotting, discontented Moana who yearns to run away from the island and her people the first chance she gets, like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately, I actually lived that reality, as did many of my sisters. It isn’t a fun or happy condition of the heart. It’s lonely, it’s sad, and it longs for the love at home that could be and the happy home that just isn’t. I am glad Moana wasn’t a runaway, but rather a “runtoward”, and a “runwithohana”, all the way, baby.



The lyric, My father the Chief, says “Don’t cross the reef” hits me particularly hard at this moment in life. I am examining the unrighteous dominion within my own faith. This deep hatred of unrighteous dominion isn’t a new thing for me, really. It’s one of the main fuels that fire this blog. However, that search radically changed last year. For, you see, I am peeking under the pavilion-like lids of packages marked “Not For Pandora”, and I find myself concerned about the motives behind why I was forbidden them. I have read


1. The Sins of Brother Curtis: A Story of Betrayal, Conviction and the Mormon Church by Lisa Davis. I was really upset by the behavior of the Church’s legal team, and numerous, extensive direct quotes taken from transcripts of their defense. I mean, I marked that book up and had a conversation with it, scribbling my outrage all over the place! I was upset at the number of children harmed. I was upset at the hubris, deliberate information withholding, inertia and then the backpeddling denial of the local and higher leadership. I was upset at the impact this lack of justice had on the children Curtis victimized. It was very triggering, reminding me very much of my own abuse story (2017 blog version, 2018 PLDSC version). Here is one of the worst of the quotes from The Sins of Brother Curtis:

The church argued to the court that it could not consider Frank Curtis’ past sexual molestation of children after he’d been rebaptized. It would be a violation of the Mormon faith to consider his history of molesting children prior to rebaptism in any decision to call him to a position within the Church.

[Trigger: Like my abuser’s history of adultery and child abuse wasn’t considered after he repented. He was placed into a bishopric by the former bishop, now stake president, who had handled his Church discipline.]

The church applied its clean-slate argument to nearly every issue in the case. Its lawyers even seemed to be arguing that [the minor], Jeremiah Scott, had somehow accepted the risk of encountering a pedophile in following the Mormon religion. In a motion asking the court to protect the church’s records, its lawyers wrote, “Plaintiff, having voluntarily agreed to abide by, and be governed by, church law cannot now challenge the procedure for, and effect of, a fellow member’s rebaptism into the church. Because church doctrine holds that a member’s past history is essentially wiped clean upon rebaptism, plaintiff should not be permitted to inquire into facts and events which occurred prior to Curtis’s rebaptism in October 1984.”

[Trigger: Basically, it’s the same argument used against the Sam Youngs and Janice Allreds of the Church. Your baptismal covenant requires you to submit to Christ, but the Church interprets that as being itself.]

The church’s lawyers maintained that to examine whether or not its officials knew about Frank Curtis’s past would be to examine the Mormon religion itself, which would violate the Free Exercise Clause. The court, they argued, should not allow the Scott team to use any information on Frank Curtis prior to his rebaptism. It should abide by the Mormon belief that Frank Curtis’s history of molesting children no longer existed.

[Trigger: Hiding behind, yes, abusing the First Amendment to protect itself from responsibility for crime, like a cowering baby before a civil tribunal after being, itself, a grown tyrant in its own courts (see Matthew 18:21-35). Very much like my ex-husband abusing laws written to protect the rights of biological fathers to sink his fangs into us, retaining civil and ecclesiastical rights and controls over me and my posterity for 15 long post-divorce years.]

– The Sins of Brother Curtis, page 151

2. The repetitions, over and over, of various versions of the Frank Curtis story… and how heinous the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints acts… EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Don’t believe me? How about the West Virgina case of Tom Stollings? Blip!


2. Educated, A Memoir, by Tara Westover. There, but for the grace of God, is where my parents could have gone, had they tipped just a slight bit more overboard. I was impressed by all that Tara overcame and accomplished. The book was slightly triggering.

3. Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith, and then Expecting Adam, which are both books by now-excommunicated, divorced, openly gay Martha Nibley Beck. I know that her assertions of abuse at the hands of her famous apologist scholar father, Hugh Nibley, caused quite the scandal, and, that for the most part, it was dismissed and rejected by the membership. Maybe I am unusual in that I tend to believe her account. I don’t know why… I just do. I also enjoyed the wit and intelligence of her writing, which made me feel like she truly had opened her deepest heart of hearts to her readers. I loved Expecting Adam. The beauty of her love for her son Adam; her mother-love and defense of him; her attitude of fiercely wanting that baby regardless of his diagnosis of Down Syndrome and pressure from all sides to abort… and the beauty of how God personally taught her of the reality of His love for her… wow…. it made me laugh and it made me cry. I borrowed both of these books from the library, but I plan to someday buy my own copy of Expecting Adam.

4. Paperdolls: A True Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods by the pseudonymed April Daniels and Carol Scott and the recently filed court papers connected to it. The format of this book was difficult to follow, the patchy accounts made it confusing and the pseudonyms used by both authors made it suspect, at first. However, I immediately recognized some of the same words and patterns of behavior that my Utah-born abuser used on me. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that these horrible accounts are true. Maybe it’s because I am an abuse survivor, myself. Maybe it’s because I’ve long known there was more to the stories and people behind the Glenn L Pace Memo.

The problem with believing Paperdolls? Well, if the 2018 legal documents filed in federal court by these abuse victims are to be believed, the actual story told in the official paperwork is even worse than the one told in the book. For me, the most triggering of these horrifying testimonies was that of Mother 2.  Like Mother 1, I have been screaming my own pleadings and then warnings at the Church for over two decades, during which time three more LDS women and their families have been hurt by marriage, association and divorce with him.  Like Mother 2, my children and family have continued to be hurt by a “reinstated”, “forgiven”, “redeemed” but actually unrepentant abuser, and nothing efficacious ever really happens to the bad guys.

Then to learn, on top of everything else, that the alleged abuser couple was related to President Nelson and were called to serve as Mission President and wife even after the accusations? Receiving, along with the honor of that call, the extensive perks of it?!  What a nice cushy place to land for Daddy’s girl. Oh, I felt so much anger that it was hard to feel anything else.

As I wrote on October 19, 2018, “Don’t lecture me about forgiveness, Church, when I’ve just basically spent all of 2018 learning more than enough to give you an even bigger lecture on apathy, feigned ignorance, lack of forthright integrity, institutional hubris, unrighteous dominion, persecution of the innocent while defending the guilty, hypocrisy, and “spiritual wickedness in high places” including machinating cover-ups and secret legal combinations. It’s oh so galling-ly Gadianton flavored.”

Why should I be angry that a couple alleged to be heinous abusers were called to serve as Mission President and his Frau? Because it’s a pattern that repeats itself over and over. Such as in the case of McKenna Denson’s alleged abuser, Joseph Bishop. Such as in the case of Christopher Swallow‘s alleged abuser (ignored by a Seventy at Church Headquarters when reported in 1995 by two witnesses, until another witness came forward in 2006. The gist of it begins at 47:53 on this video). Such as in the case of Jared Egley, who has now left the Church when he reported to a Seventy at Church Headquarters regarding the danger to children in the ward of his abuser, who had just been called as their bishop. Blip! Blip! Blip! Why are those who deserve punishment and dishonor instead receiving rewards and honors galore, worst of which is being entrusted with the unfettered power, influence over and access to the flock given to church shepherds?!


Here are some of the 2006 mission president handbook highlights:

“The Church reimburses the necessary living expenses for them, his wife, and his dependent children. Living expenses include food, clothing, household supplies, family activities, dry cleaning, personal long-distance calls to family, Rent (if leased), utilities, telephones, Internet connection, Maintenance, including gardening and repair/replacement of household items, One part-time housekeeper-cook (no more than a total of 20 hours per week, aka you can hire a part time employee to take care of your house free of charge to you) fuel, oil, maintenance and repair expenses for mission-owned vehicles, Travel expenses for you and your wife as you supervise the mission (including the costs of meals and lodging) and modest gifts (for example, Christmas, birthdays, or anniversary).

Medical expenses, including dental, eye care and occasionally orthodontics, are covered by the church.

Support for children serving full-time missions

One round trip for each unmarried child under age 26 to visit you in the mission if he or she did not accompany you to the field.

Elementary and secondary school expenses for tuition, fees, books, and materials. Reasonable expenses for extracurricular activities and for music or dance lessons may be reimbursed (at the expense of the church’s tithe payers)

Undergraduate tuition at an accredited college or university that offers two- or four-year degrees.

The amount of any funds reimbursed to you should be kept strictly confidential and should not be discussed with missionaries, other mission presidents, friends, or family members. You should not open a local bank account for personal funds received from the Church unless absolutely necessary, especially if the account would produce interest (and thus raise income-tax questions). Any funds reimbursed to you from the Church are not considered income for tax purposes. Never represent in any way that you are paid for your service.


Welcome to Lalotai, Moana.  Yes, I realize that these allegations could be false, but has every avenue been exhausted to prove that they are not true? The perception of the THREE victims, as related in Paperdolls and the court papers, is that then-apostle Nelson openly and unabashedly misused the clout of his position to deliberately shut down both ecclesiastical and legal inquiry about his daughter and her husband.  Furthermore, Mother 1 alleges that their friend, who was also Nelson’s colleague, Elder Neal A Maxwell, assisted him and the Church in a personal “ministering” effort with the family to mute the entire affair. Last I heard, their legal team is attempting to get an expedited deposition from Elder Nelson, which his attorneys are fiercely fighting.

Personally, I could not be so loyal to any family member that I would choose them over the laws of God and man. I have already discussed that stance on this blog.  Until this boogeyman popped up from behind his rock, I have always believed that Russell M Nelson was of the same heart as that I was. I mean, it was he who taught me, in one of his addresses, of the principle from the Doctrine & Covenants of every kingdom having a law by which the operation of that kingdom could be understood and mastered.

All kingdoms have a law givenAnd there are many kingdoms; for there is no space in the which there is no kingdom; and there is no kingdom in which there is no space, either a greater or a lesser kingdom. – D&C 88:36-37

drnelsonElder Nelson explained that this is how he developed his expertise as a heart surgeon. That testimony spoke to my heart and rang true because it confirmed and expanded upon a similar discovery I had made in my own personal scripture studies, through likening them unto myself and using the power of English grammar. For over two decades I have carried that lesson around on a little slip of paper in my purse, to remind me. It reads:

She who keepeth a law and abideth by the law and seeketh not to become a law unto herself, and willeth to abide in righteousness, and altogether abideth not in sin, CAN be sanctified by [the] law, and by mercy, justice, and judgement. – D&C 88:35 (reversed)

PMPSo who is this man? This man, Russell M Nelson, that I have known all my life? What story to believe? Have I been deceived? This doesn’t sound like him, but then again, I only know the public-faced, prepared-talk giving, person at the podium.  It’s not like a prophet, even a Prophet, can not sin and and can not fall. The Bible clearly illustrates that in more than one account. So one of the things I want to do this year is study more, pray more, fast more… until I can determine, through the voice of the Holy Ghost, the truth for myself of all these things: Was he a prophet of God? Is he the Prophet of God now? Yes or no? Is he guilty of the crime of choosing loyalty to his posterity over loyalty to his God, yes or no?  Is he making needed surgical changes to the church, “reproving [in this time] with sharpness”, (in other words, with deliberate, delicate, life-preserving exactness), or is he doing a bloody hack job with a meat cleaver in the name of tithe-paying membership retention? I need to stop halting between to opinions, and obtain the wisdom that I lack from the Lord, just as James instructs (James 1:4).

5. Escape by Carolyn Jessup. A very compelling read. I believe Carolyn and applaud her courage. I could identify with some of her story, having also escaped from the abuser I was married to. Part of my abuser’s seduction actually included talk of polygamy. Like I do with the television series, Escaping Polygamy, I find it uncomfortable and wrong that I should identify so much with these women due to our shared Mormon theological heritage. Unfortunately it’s because both are so steeped in misogyny.


6. This week I will finish Case Reports of the Mormon Alliance: Volume 2, 1996 by Lavina Fielding Anderson and Janice Merrill Allred. (I have plans to read Volume 1, as well.) This collection of accounts are well-laid out, measured and thoughtful in tone, logical and very compelling. I never thought I would find myself reading stuff like this. Around the same time that Monica Lewinski and I were going through our own experiences on the public pillory of contemptuous castigation, I heard only wisps, here and there, (as I came up, figuratively gasping for breath during my own witch trial by forcible spiritual drowning), of information about the September Six.

Actually, my first contact with any knowledge about the Six occurred only a few years ago, after I had read two excellent books on Isaiah by Avraham Gileadi. I had not known beforehand that he had been excommunicated. I only learned this when I was searched online to see if he’d written anything else. In connection with Gileadi, I then learned about somebody named D. Michael Quinn getting excommunicated, along with a bunch of “feminist intellectuals.” But I never really had any interest in learning more. I’d  run into the Mormon Alliance webpage a few times, but wasn’t interested… scared off that they were probably anti-Mormon.

So what led to my actually reading their material was the hubbub in January 2019 over the so-called feminist victory due to the changes in the LDS temple endowment. Faded memories snapped quickly, sharply, back into immediate focus. I remembered how, as a very small child, everybody in my ward was emotionally consumed with this boogeyman thing called The ERA. I remember my mother being angry. I can remember being told that my mother, as the bishop’s wife, had reluctantly left her employment and come home. I remember how ANGRY she was to be home with me and my sisters. But this month, for the first time in my life I had the sudden desire to know what, exactly, had been so wicked about these Mormon feminists – housewives and professors both- that they had been excommunicated. Janice Allred’s account was especially triggering for me, for as a young adult I also experienced a horrible situation from 1992-1994, made catastrophic by my local leaders unrighteous handling of my cry for help and rescue.

After all, I discovered last year, in writing my October 2018 MSOM series of blog posts that I really was much more of a Latter-day Saint Feminist than I had ever thought or known that I was. I had been taught to believe that feminists were horrible and evil. Whelp, I guess that explains it. So here it is, my big coming-out announcement. HEY, WORLD, I AM A MORMON FEMINIST!


7. I have listened to the anguish of the walking wounded who come seeking wells of understanding in the posts they write in closed social media groups and in the pain they text on live public video feeds. I have felt the agony and rage radiating out in the comments I read and heard during the excommunication of Sam Young – feelings not unfamiliar to me. By far, the most triggering of anything I have ever read are the stories at I have read every single one of them, there are over 1,000 of them now, and it has been a rather rude awakening. Blip! Blip! Blipitty B-b-b-b-b-bllip! Never, never did I realize this problem was so widespread. Never, never did anyone in my own case ever recognize that I was a victim or call what was happening to me by their names: grooming, assault, crime. It changed my life and I can’t it change back. I am not, as President Gordon B Hinckley told Mike Wallace, a “blip on the radar screen”, and neither are the thousands of the rest of us. This isn’t so rare. #MormonMeToo #OutThem

8. I am following the stories – in the news and in social media – of disaffected former members of the church like McKenna Denson, Tara Workman-Tully, Kristy Johnson, Christina Freeman, individuals who I feel are justified in believing that they have been wronged, even savaged, by the Church and it’s leaders in the ecclesiastical and/or legal courts. Just like I was.

9. I am learning of the CATASTROPHE that the well-meant but woefully naive and insufficiently monitored Indian Student Placement Program was to way too many of the Children of Lehi. Talk about serving up a victim on a platter! How does tearing a child completely away from his family and people in a Mormon version of ethnic reeducation coincide with our much touted proverb that no other success can compensate for failure in the home?! I have heard stories from my Blackfeet friends about the horrible racism they experienced in Mormon homes, congregations and communities. Spencer W. Kimball may have been ready for that desert to blossom as a rose, but far too many of the Saints were not.

. . . I want to tell you that, above all the problems the Indian has, his greatest one is the white man—the white man, who not only dispossessed him, but the white man who has never seemed to try to understand him—the white man who stands pharisaically above him—the white man who goes to the Temple to pray and says, “Lord, I thank thee that I am not as other men are.”—The white man is his problem. . . . My young brothers and sisters, . . . I plead with you to accept the Lamanite as your brother. I ask not for your tolerance—your cold, calculating tolerance; your haughty, contemptible tolerance; your scornful, arrogant tolerance; your pitying, coin-tossing tolerance. I ask you to give them what they want and need and deserve: opportunity and your fraternal brotherliness and your understanding; your warm and glowing fellowship; your unstinted and beautiful love; your enthusiastic and affectionate brotherhood. – Spencer W. Kimball (Source)



10. I have reviewed numerous leaked documents, all of which have been deeply disturbing.  Appalling. These include

* Instances of Child Sexual Abuse Allegedly Perpetrated By Members Of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1959-2017

* 2013 Faith Crisis Report, Faith Crisis Chronicles, and a BYU-Symposium presentation about them. The report was prepared for Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf and presented to him by Marlin K Jensen. Dr. John Dehlin (currently excommunicated LDS) co-led the survey research team. It was the Faith Crisis Report that shook me up. This was my initial reaction:

Reading this report absolutely did NOT help me with my feelings of betrayal and devastation and deepening distrust toward the Church. It has only spread that distrust, like a spreading pool of blood, out from the local leadership that I have learned by hard experience to be wary of, and soaked up into the pure white field of the full confidence I once held in the absolute integrity of the Brethren. I asked myself,

Is THIS why the increasing directives to hold social media fasts?!

Is THIS why the disparagement of members who apparently “use Google instead of utilizing the gift of the Holy Ghost”?!

SO many recent General Conference talks immediately came to mind…

Which leads me to ask… how can I help but ask?

This question: What’s really the mind and will of God and what’s just self-interested, self-serving, retention of corporate-revenue-driven DRIVEL given in the name of God?

* Personal Non Grata Letters (No Trespass Bans).

So, the Church can send this out to folks they deem a threat, but when I asked for the protection of one against my abuser, so my children and I could feel safe at church, I was told it was an impossiblity?! Unheard of ! Unthinkable!

* Leaked list of active abuse cases being handled by Kirton McConkie.

Mind you, this was just one day’s report. What legal load do they handle for the Church in a month? A year?


I have listened to podcasts like 258: Taking the Mormons To Court: Defending Sexual Abuse Victims Against the LDS Church: Tim Kosnoff, and felt only rage, rage, RAGE! This ties back to point 1, The Sins of Brother Curtis book.

Two quotes from this podcast:

There is absolutely, positively no pattern. There’s absolutely, positively not one instance that I have ever found where a priesthood leader has been told or has otherwise come to a conclusion that he should cover up or not fully report… I’ve been doing this for twelve years and there are fewer than two dozen cases, a far cry from what the other churches have seen. We are not a perfect people. There have been blips on the radar screen where local leaders have not handled a situation perfectly. There have probably been a dozen or so of those over the ten years that I’ve been doing this. Certainly not a pattern.
– Von Keetch, Attorney for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

That statement is so “funny”, so patently untrue that I’m scream-laughing!!! Here’s the next:

If a priesthood leader recommends that a perpetrator report the abuse to civil authorities, he should also recommend to the perpetrator that he or she should consider obtaining legal counsel…[LDS] Abuse Help Line PERSONNEL SHOULD NEVER ADVISE A PRIESTHOOD LEADER TO REPORT ABUSE. COUNSEL OF THIS NATURE SHOULD COME ONLY FROM LEGAL COUNSEL.

– Bishop and Stake President’s help line, which rings in to the offices of the Church’s attorney Kirton & McConkie. The above statement is excerpted from the form filled out on the receiving end:“Protocol for Abuse Help Line Calls”. The caps are original to the text.

This form isn’t fake. A copy of it was also in The Sins of Brother Curtis book. Now I’ve stopped the laughing and now this so-called “Blip”is just screaming!! (See President Hinckley’s 60-Minute Interview with Mike Wallace.)

I have a BIG, HUGE problem with this statement on the form:”[LDS] Abuse Help Line PERSONNEL SHOULD NEVER ADVISE A PRIESTHOOD LEADER TO REPORT ABUSE.”

This is what an apostle of God PROMISED me in April 1992, right before my life went to hell. I relied on this. I trusted this, when I went to my stake president for help in November 1992.

scottIf you are now or have in the past been abused, seek help now. Perhaps you distrust others and feel that there is no reliable help anywhere. Begin with your Eternal Father and his beloved Son, your Savior. Strive to comprehend their commandments and follow them. They will lead you to others who will strengthen and encourage you. There is available to you a priesthood leader, normally a bishop, at times a member of the stake presidency. They can build a bridge to greater understanding and healing. Joseph Smith taught: “A man can do nothing for himself unless God direct him in the right way; and the Priesthood is for that purpose.” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, p. 364.)

Talk to your bishop in confidence. His calling allows him to act as an instrument of the Lord in your behalf. He can provide a doctrinal foundation to guide you to recovery. An understanding and application of eternal law will provide the healing you require. He has the right to be inspired of the Lord in your behalf. He can use the priesthood to bless you.

Your bishop can help you identify trustworthy friends to support you. He will help you regain self-confidence and self-esteem to begin the process of renewal. When abuse is extreme, he can help you identify appropriate protection and professional treatment consistent with the teachings of the Savior.

– Elder Richard G Scott

So where was the strengthening and encouragement?
Where was my bridge builder?
Upon what doctrinal foundation was I condemned and my testimony disbelieved?
How was I guided to recovery?
How did my leaders understand and apply eternal law?
How were they inspired of the Lord on my behalf?
How was I blessed by the priesthood?! Good Lord!
How did he help me identify trustworthy friends to support me?
How did he help me regain self-confidence and self-esteem, let alone begin any process of renewal?


Especially when my Church and it’s attorneys use a protocol document, which specifically instructs the help line worker to tell him not to?! 


But the monsters under the rocks keep coming. No, it doesn’t end there. Even Richard G Scott, my White Knight of the Woeful Countenance Apostle, the Advocating Hero of the Abused, has been called into question, for me, on this issue of an abuse cover-up so huge it reaches all the way up to the top, again, just like with Paperdolls. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Posted on Facebook by Zelph On The Shelf on February 13, 2016
“(Bear with us as we gather more info about this.) There is NO moral reason for the LDS church to cover up pedophilic behavior from a general authority. Things that are wrong need to be exposed, and if the church keeps taking a Catholic-like resistance to handling these situations, they’ll keep happening.

Here’s a guy talking about how he married into a general authority’s family and his 6-year-old daughter was molested by the GA. (Along with another child of that age.) Elder Mickelson claimed the 6-year-old was “acting promiscuous” toward him and then tried to bribe her father.

The LDS church has refused to handle it whatsoever, despite her father going to the apostles with evidence. Richard G. Scott even orchestrated the parents’ divorce so that he could call Elder Mickelson to translate [the LDS version of the] Spanish bible. Their children were even taken away for three weeks to be brainwashed. Absolutely shocking. Please watch.”

Ronald Karren’s YouTube Video



And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my daughter, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. – D&C 122:7

12. The concern, which seems sincere to me, of individuals like Jonathan Streeter, and the logic with which they explain their viewpoint is also very compelling. I agree with some of the thoughts thunk by that Thinker of Thoughts, because I have thought some of them too. I have also explored Jonathan’s beliefs, in part, because one of my children has already long been swimming past the coral with these issues. My son got many of his shelf-breaker materials through following references provided by Streeter. Such as this one, and this one.

13. Another book arrived yesterday, two more books are on their way in the mail, and I have a long book wish list on Amazon. No. That’s right. I am not done yet.


Don’t cross the reef? Why?
Because you don’t want me to encounter the “uncorrelated” evidences of outright abuse that the Institution has already drowned and wishes would just remain silent and buried? I have always been taught that the Church, the Brethren and my local stake and ward priesthood leadership were like doors to the Divine, not barricades to block my way and obscure my connection to Christ, and until recently, I always believed that. But the ground beneath my feet began to shake, once again, in 2018, four years after my faith crisis of 2014-2015, and I fully expect the earthquake to continue on into 2019. I have been struggling to find a balance between knowing the awful truth and being swallowed up by it (1 Nephi 12:16; 15:26-27).

I have been struggling, as one of the virgins in this marriage, to be wise. And the only conclusion I can draw is that my husband is the Bridegroom, and I am His Bride. Again, I am not the child of the union of Bridegroom and Bride; I am the Bride. The Bride is not my parent; Heavenly Father is. And I know from scripture that five virgins are foolish. Lord, am I one of them? I don’t think so.


That-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named, those Foolish Virgins, get their very power from not being named; from being avoided. So, here goes: I know thee now. Thou art Institutional Ecclesiastical Clerical Abuse consisting of combinations of Spiritual, Verbal, Emotional, Mental, Psychological, Financial and Sexual Abuse.

It was President Joseph F. Smith who said: ‘There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that the people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity.’ But the third subject mentioned, personal purity, is perhaps of greater importance than either of the other two. We believe in one standard of morality for men and women. If purity of life is neglected, all other dangers set in upon us like the rivers of waters when the flood gates are opened.
– Harold B. Lee, 1948. Ezra Taft Benson also repeatedly quoted this “three dangers” statement.

Is it flood gates opening? Or are poisoned coral reefs just breaking?



WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Oh, that I should just trust the Lord’s timing, then, and put my blinders back on while the souls continue to be sacrificed and silently screaming up to Heaven to be heard?!

The Lord’s timing would be for this to stop right now. Not one more child. I do trust the Lord’s timing. If the shepherds aren’t going to protect the flock, than the ones being abused have every right to call attention to the fact and protect the flock in whatever way they can. – my friend Teresa Humphrey


[Video: Wedding Haka – Subtitled and Translated]


WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Oh, that I should just stick to, tuck my head in, shut my mouth and avoid anything more scary, bad, wicked, questionable, unpleasant and ugly than that? FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE,  I AM AN ABUSE SURVIVOR!  With Tevye, I scream, “Tear out my beard and uncover my head!” With Valjean I scream, “If I speak, I am condemned [by members of my faith]. If I stay silent, I am damned [by God].”

I chose to speak.



Video Link explaining the Meaning of Tika Tonu: What is Right, Is Always Right.
It is a Haka originally written by a Maori Chief for his son, Moana.



Moving on with “More” Moana, the next lyric I want to comment on is, Moana slow down;  Moana dream small; Moana don’t drown.

There is an essay that I love, written by LDS scholar M Catherine Thomas, entitled Hebrews: To Ascend The Holy Mount. In it, she discusses the fear that the children of Isreal had surrounding Moses’ theophany atop Mount Sinai. Why should I slow down? Why should I dream small? Why would I ever drown in the light and truth of God? He is faithful who has promised. And I will not stunt my own development by listening to false counselors; or to fear, theirs or my own. I learned the hard lesson about that already, and paid a very heavy price for it. I’m still paying, and probably will for the rest of my life.


The next lyric: Can you drown at the call of the sea?
I had to go back and check what I had already written about the symbolism of ocean. It’s in Part 2.  I still believe everything I wrote. That the sea, the ocean, symbolizes The Will of God. And yes, in a very real way, I think we do fear having our will swallowed up in the will of the Father. At least I have. That is why we fight it, resist it, run from anything to do with it. We are afraid of the permanent death of our moral agency, or free will, in surrender to God because we are afraid that this act is the same as the death of our very selves; Of our own happiness, for our desires, hopes and dreams will no longer be ours, but His.  But we – the inside us, that voice that talks to ourselves, the Intelligence within – can’t die. It simply can’t. It’s impossible. The scriptures and prophets have taught that man is co-eternal with God, meaning, as my friend Richard Thomas taught me, that “a part of us was not created, neither indeed can it be. That part only can we offer: agency, my gift to Thee.” I honestly don’t think it makes much sense that a Loving Father, after all this trouble to create spirit bodies to clothe our Intelligences, and eons of time raising us in the premortal world… after the Great Council in Heaven… and after suffering his Only Begotten Son to die for our sins… would turn around and drown us, right in the middle of our own progression, when we weren’t even complete yet? Why would He do that? Just turn around and drown me in the Living Water he provided? No true father would do that. No.  “And I said unto him: I do not know the meaning of all things; nevertheless I know that he loveth his children.” 1 Nephi 11:7 (reversed). The hard part for me is proving that the answer to his question, Lovest thou me? is also yes. Really yes.


And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. – Revelations 12:11

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. – Matthew 10:28

I am not afraid to submit to the Will of God, for just like my husband, He has proven himself faithful, constant, trustworthy and kind. He will not leave me beneath to drown. He will not abandon me. He will lift me up and restore me. So if I am overcome by trust in him, or deluged by that devotion, I am still safe. He accomplishes His own will anyway. Why not learn to surf the wave; learn to love to dance in the water; learn, until you master how to navigate the Sea?


I read somewhere that Moana was given her name by Gramma Tala. So you have this situation where a person named Ocean is forbidden to anything much to do with it. How hard that would be, to be given or take on the name of Christ and then be prevented from all exploration of his character and intimacy with his heart?


And this is life eternal, that they might know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent…

And the glory which Thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

I in them, and Thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that Thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as Thou hast loved me.

– from the Great Intercessory Prayer of Jesus the Christ in John 17

That was quite the revolutionary thought when I realized what that said. That Heavenly Father loves us, loves me, as much as he loves His Beloved Son. I guess somehow I got the title, Only Begotten Son mixed up in my thinking as being Only Beloved Son. What a silly thought, for Jesus bore witness in that prayer that nothing could be farther from the truth. Having my eyes open to this principle was deeply comforting to me. It gave me hope that, if I followed the example of the Savior, I could please and delight our Father, too.

His disciples… did pray steadfastly, without ceasing, unto him; and he did smile upon them again; and behold they were white, even as Jesus. – 3 Nephi 19:30

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord: but the prayer of the upright is his delight. – Proverbs 15:8

In nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments. – D&C 59:21

Thus saith the Lord—I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. – D&C 76:5



Next lyric: ‘Cause I can hear it calling me

Behold, I say unto you, that the good shepherd doth call you; yea, and in his own name he doth call you, which is the name of Christ; – Alma 5:38

And how merciful is our God unto us, for he remembereth the house of Israel, both roots and branches; and he stretches forth his hands unto them all the day long; and they are a stiffnecked and a gainsaying people; but as many as will not harden their hearts shall be saved in the kingdom of God. – Jacob 6:4

I love the story related by President Thomas S Monson in April 2002 General Conference. He said, “Many years ago, on an assignment to Tahiti, I was talking to our mission president, President Raymond Baudin, about the Tahitian people. They are known as some of the greatest seafaring people in all the world. Brother Baudin, who speaks French and Tahitian but little English, was trying to describe to me the secret of the success of the Tahitian sea captains. He said, ‘They are amazing. The weather may be terrible, the vessels may be leaky, there may be no navigational aids except their inner feelings and the stars in the heavens, but they pray and they go.’ He repeated that phrase three times. There is a lesson in that statement. We need to pray, and then we need to act. Both are important.”


Next lyric: [ANCESTORS] Aue, aue

Wow. That is just the coolest. The song, “We Know The Way” made me cry for months and months after we got the soundtrack. That whole shock-and-joy of discovery scene in the veiled cave makes me cry; when Moana discovers who she really is and always has been. It reminded me of many tender spiritual experiences of my own, where I have learned truths about who I really am and who I have always been.

One of these was the moment when I first saw a picture of my great-grandmother. I wasn’t really taught much about my Polynesian heritage, and I was deliberately “raised white.” When I withdrew that photograph from the envelope and locked eyes with Mary, I gasped as my eyes met hers, the shock of recognition and familiarity sweeping over me and bursting forth into profound weeping. I had experienced what, to me, had been inexplicable racism. I now knew why. The truth was that as much as this M&M had been coated white, the face staring back at me from the grave looked profoundly like my own; and Mary was 100% Hawaiian.

I love doing family history and temple work! I love it because I know it is real. I have had sacred experiences that confirm to me that my lineage extends beyond the grave and my ancestors yet live in that sphere beyond our mortal realm. I can hear their distant serenade, and I hope I always do.

When there is no one near
When you feel lost and afraid
Listen and you will hear
A distant serenade

Voices from long ago
Aren’t really so far away
They’ll heal an aching soul
With their distant serenade

It’s a melody that keeps on beckoning:
“Comfort one another!”
“Be what only you can be!”
“Strengthen each other!”

Maybe the time will come
When you’ll join in eternal praise
Of all the lives who’ve loved and sung
A distant serenade.

– a song by Michael McLean


Next lyric: A thousand years ago, Maui spoke to the sea

Considering my thoughts in Part Four on Maui representing the natural man, an enemy to God, I was surprised to read this lyric. But it fits with the doctrine of the Fall. Mankind was created in the image of God and placed in the Garden of Eden. There they walked and talked with God. I suppose this is when Maui spoke to the Sea. I believe it is possible for the natural man to change through Christ and to be able to someday speak to the Sea again.

For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father. – Mosiah 3:19

Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me, and calleth on my name, and obeyeth my voice, and keepeth my commandments, shall see my face and know that I am;
– D&C 93:1

Reminder: our capacity to feel emnity is a gift from God. Without enmity, we wouldn’t be able to recognize danger or evil and then act to defend ourselves against it. It was God who placed emnity between Eve and that serpent, Lucifer, and when he did so, he warned her of the enmity that the devil already felt toward her. But God never placed enmity between himself and his children. So to use that poison toward the One who provided it to us in the first place as a tool in our individual Defense Against the Dark Arts is to demonstrate not only a great lack of individual intelligence but also to display one of the highest forms of ingratitude that I can even think of.

So when you hear the Sea calling, hearken.

sojourner truth


Next lyric: So maybe, just maybe, I was born to break the silence

Yes, Moana, you were. We all were. Would that we all had the Heart to learn to speak to the Sea again, and have our hearts reconciled to God.


Would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them! – Moses, Numbers 11:29

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  Revelation 19:10

And [Jesus] withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed. – Luke 5:16

I have many things to say and to judge of you: but He that sent me is true; and I speak to the world those things which I have heard of Him.

They understood not that he spake to them of the Father.

Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of Man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.

And He that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please Him.

– Jesus, John 8:26-29

He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth Him that sent me.

He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.

And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

– Jesus, Matthew 10: 40-42

DISCIPLE, Webster’s 1828 Dictionary
A follower; an adherent to the doctrines of another. Hence the constant attendants of Christ were called his disciples; and hence all Christians are called his disciples, as they profess to learn and receive his doctrines and precepts.


RECE’IVEverb transitive [Latin recipio; re and capio, to take.]
1. To take, as a thing offered or sent; to accept.
6. To embrace.
10. To admit into membership or fellowship.
11. To take in or on; to hold; to contain.
K. To make your own by reason of use

Latin: recipio, recipere, recepi, receptus

  1. accept, take in
  2. guarantee
  3. keep back
  4. recover
  5. take back
  6. undertake

That your incomings may be in the name of the Lord; that your outgoings may be in the name of the Lord; that all your salutations may be in the name of the Lord, with uplifted hands unto the Most High. – D&C 88:120


Mezuzah Doorpost Shema

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good; yea, when thou liest down at night lie down unto the Lord, that he may watch over you in your sleep; and when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God; and if ye do these things, ye shall be lifted up at the last day. – Alma 37:37

Again, said differently,

“And if any of you, my disciples, gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in my name, because you are my disciple, truly I tell you, you will never lose your reward.”
– Matthew 10:42

IN MY NAME. Even the name of Jesus Christ. There is an importance to this which the Lord repeats, over and over again in scripture. The explanation is not yet given to our understanding, but the crucial nature of heeding that admonition now, without further explanation, is growing increasingly clear. If you believe President Nelson, that is. Those in the world may stand baffled and mock. Others may stand watching, silent and confused at such an open insistence upon retrenchment in such a time as this. I didn’t know what to make of it.

When I attended October 2018 General Conference, I was listening to hear, waiting for an answer about the abuse issues in the Church. I couldn’t comprehend WHY the Prophet would speak on the name of the Church rather than address the problem of the wounded members of the Church. WHY my beautiful, tender friend Elder Holland would use his talents of expression to speak so cruelly (shock!) and harshly (shock!) to them and instead, justify the abuser in maintaining the Follow Your Inspired Leader party line.

To enlarge the wounds of those who are already wounded, instead of consoling and healing their wounds; and those who have not been wounded, instead of feasting upon the pleasing word of God have daggers placed to pierce their souls and wound their delicate minds. – Jacob 2:9


I haven’t even been able to pick up and study the General Conference issue, it hurts that badly. Et tu, Jeffrey? 

And yet… and yet… to find that President Nelson is falling in line with this true principle of performing all the endeavors of our minds, hearts and hands in the name of Jesus Christ…. and to learn, in private conversation with trusted friends in my faith, that they have received a personal witness that this change is important, and important now, and that it does have something to do with the abuse issue. Well, call me a sucker, call me a fool, but I believe them

To others it is given to believe on their words, that they also might have eternal life if they continue faithful. – D&C 46:14



Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on Him that sent me. And he that seeth me seeth Him that sent me. – John 12:44-45



What alarms me is that it is this concept which seems to be most fought against, both in the world and in the Church. It is becoming the dividing line. Yet, I think it always has been the dividing line. For wasn’t that the same issue in the war in heaven? Who is your ultimate authority? With whom does your deepest loyalty lie?

The ultimate loyalty of Jesus Christ was to his Father, and to his Father alone. Those in true fellowship with Christ share the same loyalty he does. And at the end of the day, notwithstanding the reef and everything the Ocean suffers to exist, even darkness and its depths, He comprehends it (see D&C 6:21, 88:49).  That is what comforts me.



For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore, take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. – Ephesians 6:12-13

Ka mate! Ka ora!
= We’re going to achieve our goal, or we’re going to die trying
(Rev 12:11)

[Video: New Zealand Team Performing The Haka After Winning The Women’s Rugby World Cup]


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