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My little bundle of joy

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I have seen a HUGE change in what comes up on most search engines nowadays. It is as if our freedom to search has been pirated and curtailed by the people who don’t want us looking outside the paradigm that we are already being fed here in Plato’s Cave every single day. No, Google, I DON’T want to know what WebMD and the Mayo Clinic have to say about that! What is so threatening about alternative voices, especially lone voices? Why are so many of these articles and websites SO very hard to find; are, in fact, buried away in the hope that Jane Q. Public will give up hope and stop digging. The only answer I can come up with is that these lone voices are somehow viewed as a threat… and to me, this can only mean ONE thing. There is truth hiding there; truth that scares the guys in control.

Here are some articles that I have found very useful and informative during this, my most recent pregnancy. Since my last pregnancy, over half a decade ago, I can not believe the increase in ultrasounds and tests, as well as the astronomical increase in costs. I can believe the continued ignorance of most mainstream-trained allopaths. After all, look who is funding their educations and writing their books: Big Pharma. Hate to break the news to you, if you don’t know this already, but Big Pharma does NOT have your best interest at heart. And – point blank – most folks nowadays care more about covering their own asses then they care about you or your baby. C-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n.


The Allopathic Reality of Birth in the USA  – Be Prepared For Senseless Medical Rituals, Callous Interventions and Denied Trauma.


The Performance: Sex Like Birth – video on YouTube

Birth Crisis by Sheila Kitzinger

Expecting Trouble: What Expectant Parents Should Know About Prenatal Care in America by Dr. Thomas Strong, MD


Home or Hospital? Holding the Space for Human Birth: Saraswathi Vedam at TEDxAmherstCollege – Ted Talk on YouTube


The Gestational Diabetes Test


Don’t Drink the Glucola Without Reading The Label – by Aviva Romm

The link just above has pdated info on gestational diabetes test, which I had not heard before. The links below are also very useful. So here’s what I know now: 1.) There is an alternative to taking Glucola. Some practitioners allow orange juice, jelly beans, maple syrup, etc, as a means of oral glucose intake 2.) Glucola sometimes contains bromide, a goitrogenic. Not good news for folks with thyroid disease. 3.) You have the right to refuse the test, but then your care provider may treat you as if you’re GDM positive 4.) People on a low-sugar diet, who have food allergies, Hyperemesis Gravidarum or Chrons Disease could get a false positive and/or very negative physical reaction from the ingredients in Glucola. 5.) You can opt for a fasting blood draw?

Thyroid, Blood Sugar, and Metabolic Syndrome

Healthy Alternatives To The Pregnancy Glucose Test

After finding the following peer-reviewed meta-analysis, I  decided to refuse the test. No outcomes are changed by a positive GDM result… except… your chance of getting a c-section. The allopathic solutions are 1) put you on insulin and/or 2) lecture you about diet and exercise. Why would I have high glucose when I don’t eat refined sugar at all?

2009 Cochrane Review: Treatments for Gestational Diabetes

2014 Cochrane Review: Screening for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: A Diagnosis Still Looking for a Disease? by Michael Odent

Gestational Diabetes: The Emperor Has No Clothes by Henci Goer

Refusing the Gestational Diabetes Glucose Test by


Group B Strep


Group B Strep Information and Options by

Easy, Natural Treatments for Group B Strep by


I had the non-refridgerated Femdophilus shipped to me. In the same box from amazon were the urine strip tests I had ordered. After conducting my first at-home urine test, I self-diagnosed a high leucocyte (white blood cell) count. With just ONE Femdophilus pill, my results went from high count to low count, and now, a week later, urinalysis shows the existence of only trace amounts of leucocytes.



 Hashimoto’s and Pregnancy


The Danger of Thyroid Antibodies and Pregnancy


So… hypothyroid and pregnant = Miracle 1. Getting to full-term, live delivery = Miracle 2



Cayenne Pepper Hemorrhoid Cure

YOUR PUBLIC SERVICE TMI BULLETIN: Oh, the things you learn when you are pregnant… Today’s message is brought to you by the letter H. If you have gotten to such a point of misery that you are longing for a wire brush or the claws of a bear, for the relief-giving effect of tearing yourself to pieces, I think cayenne tincture is a pretty near substitute. And it works. Yes, I have learned this by personal experience. Yes, it works and quite quickly, too. One to two applications, tops. If you have the…ahem… kahonas?… um, no… 😀 If you have the sphincter enough to handle it. 😉 Thank you, Sensei Baby.

Vitamin K


Vitamin K: An Alternative Perspective, by midwife Sarah Wickham

Indie Birth: Questioning Vitamin K Supplementation of the Newborn

Pretty ANGRY to learn that, once again, with another medical issue AND for four births in a row, I never REALLY granted FULLY INFORMED CONSENT about Vitamin K because some MAJOR information was withheld… and because I was told IT IS THE LAW, you CAN NOT refuse it. Again with this “sheeple” treatment, potentially poisoning thousands for the sake of the one, in the name of the common good. Prophylactic, my patootie. Not when the shot administers something like 20,000 times the needed dose? in a synthetic form? plus poisonous additives, like castor oil???


Audio and/or Visual Documentation of the Birth


Birth Photography: The Elephant in the Room

This post put something into words that I have been feeling but could not describe as the birth of another child approaches. I agree 100%. A midwife took pictures with some kind of dim-light filter, and without my knowledge at one of my births, as a gift. But I hate them. They DO feel like porn shots, especially after they were passed around, viewed and even copied for family (mymother-in-law). But I can’t get my sentimental husband to delete them, not even the 2 or 3 that are just… violating.

IMHO, the other sacred time is death, and the most heinous, ridiculous, circus-like deathbed scene I ever witnessed involved 30+ non-related church members watching the “show” of my sister-in-law dying of cancer. It was the wake before the wake, like watching a Japanese chef carve sashimi from a living fish before a rudely curious crowd who refused to realize they did not belong there. I was shocked, when I rushed into the room after an urgent cross-country flight, to find them all there, yacking away, as she lay there gasping; shocked that they passed out sandwiches for everyone in this “supportive” audience. So they could stay there longer, I guess? That my brother-in-law not only allowed but encouraged it, is, to me, both inexcusable and unforgivable. Why? Because my SIL deliberately kept her eyes closed the whole time. Hello?! Were ALL of you people totally blind to this red flag? Or, red flag #2, how she clung to her husband, as if begging him not to leave her to socialize, to meet and greet yet another arriving insensitive nosy onlooker? The death of one’s wife is NOT the time to win friends and influence people; enough with trying to win the popularity contest already!!! For myself, I stayed a very short time and was glad to leave the pandemonium behind via socially-acceptable excuse, when I was asked to take my MIL home. When my SIL finally did pass, it was, of course, in the wee hours of the morning when the gawkers had mostly all gone home. But they returned, many of them, to photograph her with their iPhones and iPads in her casket. 😦 But then again, what does a person who values dignity, respect, privacy, liberty and the shimmeringly fragile sacred times in sacred spaces know about anything… right?


“And the brass coffin handles!” 😀


Monsanto Wheat: A Possible Cause for Infertility


The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not gluten)


The Danger of Ultrasounds



The link to Jim West’s book

Experience from my fourth pregnancy: The more pregnant you are, the more INACCURACY AND INCREASING UNRELIABILITY OF ULTRASOUND becomes!  This is something else my midwife “conveniently” never told me in her obsession over my unknown, undeterminable EDD. She insisted on an ultrasound for dates, then forced TWO biophysical profiles (ultrasounds), both of which showed nothing wrong, yet she disbelieved them. It was HER fear and her own CYA impulse which were the basis upon which our 4th child was unnecessarily induced -two weeks early, instead of six weeks late, as it turns out. It all turned out to be lies – exactly opposite of the truth – that our child was past dates, huge in size, had a calcified placenta and was more or less doomed to be stillborn without iatrogenic intervention. Instead of the peaceful home waterbirth we had planned for her, our poor daughter was born with retinal hemorrhage after an entire day of intrauterine Pitocin hell, had her cord chopped within seconds of her birth – with blood spurting everywhere- and spent a majority of that precious, irreplaceable first Golden Hour cold, alone, disoriented and frightened, outside the arms of  any person, let alone her mother and father. She was sensitive to touch and cried out in pain with the least upset or nudge for about 6 weeks afterward… NEVER AGAIN.



The Danger of Vaccine$ and the Big Pharma Corruption Behind Them


(Above) The flu vaccine package insert clearly states that vaccines have not been proven safe for pregnant women, and that the definition of a “mercury free” vaccine depends on who is defining “mercury free”.


Glycophosphate Found in Childhood Vaccines

Aborted Fetal Tissue Used in Vaccines

(Above) Barf… and barf again. This is to all you pro-life, pro-vax people out there. I smell hypocrisy: The theory of herd immunity says It is okay if your kid dies, as long as my kid lives! And, second witness: by consenting to the use of fetal tissue in vaccines, vaccinating parents are essentially saying that AGAIN (1 Kings 3:24-26).

“We say pro-life, let’s know what we are talking about. No exceptions to intentional killing. Let’s not legally kill any innocent people; not babies before or after birth, not injured, not infirm, not disabled, not elderly, not senile, and let’s just not have qualifiers.” – Darlene Pawlik . Quoted from her blog post, National Right To Life’s Disgrace

Witness of Texas Prosecutor: Vaccines Cause Autism


(Awaken’s comment attached to meme above)”If your pediatrician recommends that your child under the age of 2 receive the flu vaccine–even though the flu vaccine has never been studied in very young children and evidence suggests that the flu vaccine actually weakens a person’s immune system over the long term–ask yourself: Is my doctor more concerned with selling me vaccines to keep my child healthy or to send his child to private school?”…/2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-…

“If the medical profession is so convinced by the evidence of vaccines why do they have to be incentivised to the tune of $40K to use them?” (Damien Kearns)



“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we, in a sense, accept that the state owns our bodies.” (Ron Paul)


“Better put up a fence at the top of the cliff, than an ambulance down in the valley…” So, I ask you, whose fence? Whose ambulance? But… but… BUT… IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!

♫ I’m only thinking of him♫


“Risking Out” Mothers Who Threaten A Midwife’s Livelihood is MIDWIFE’S-VICTIM BLAMING




The Dr. Mengele-Style “Science” Behind Where Your Baby’s Formula Came From


1972 Experiments On Living Babies During Abortions

Studies performed in the 1970’s for the purpose of developing better infant formula used and then murdered live human fetuses to do so. So, in one fell swoop, the religion of science disregards and desecrates life, the sanctity of the womb, the mother-infant bond and breastfeeding. How many babies died so some company could make a profit so my working mother could continue her career and my intestinal flora could be ruined for life? $$$Cha-Ching$$$.




Thanks to Obamacare, those of us not sucking at the teats of the tax-payer robbing Federal Government now have HUGE deductibles to pay before our mandatory insurance will cover anything. So, as of now, in 2016, you can pay $150 per pop, out of your HSA account, to have some professional earn a big fat paycheck piddling around with your pee, or you can pay approximately $11 on amazon and do it yourself. That is, unless you view yourself as the allopaths do and figure that you’re not so bright; that you can’t possibly handle the deeply challenging task of peeing in a cup and dipping a stick into the urine for a second or two. (Must have never done the pregnancy HCG pee test either, then, huh?)

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