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Noted LDS Zinas

Huntington, Zina (Baker): Mother of Zina D.H. Young, ancestor of Elaine S Dalton
zina bh

Smith, Zina Diantha (Huntington) Jacobs Young: wife of the prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Third General Relief Society President.

Card, Zina Presendia (Young): daughter of Brigham Young and Zina D. H. Young

Brown, Zina Young (Card): wife of apostle and First Presidency member, Hugh B Brown. Daughter of Zina P Young and Charles Ora Card.

Whitney, Zina Beal (Smoot): wife of apostle, Orson F Whitney




LDS Significance
ZINA: This name does not appear in LDS scriptures, Bible Dictionary, Topical Index or Guide to the Scriptures. We can therefore presume it’s use is temple worship is wholly related to “The Four Zinas” and wholly because this matriarchal line is significant to the posterity of Brigham Young.








zina bh

2004, Elaine S Dalton: ZINA BAKER HUNTINGTON
A little over a year ago, my husband and I visited Nauvoo. As we walked through the Old Pioneer Cemetery searching for the grave of an ancestor, Zina Baker Huntington, I was touched by the peaceful solitude and spirit I felt. I walked through the trees and read the names on the gravestones, many of them children and families. I wept as my heart was turned to our forefathers, many of whom had joined the Church and come to Nauvoo. In my mind I asked many questions: Why did they leave their comfortable homes and families? Why did they suffer persecution, sickness, even death? Why did they sacrifice all that they had to come to this place and build a temple? They hardly had shelter, and yet they were building a temple! Why did they do it? And when the temple was nearly completed, how could they leave it behind? As I sat silently contemplating this scene, the answer came forcefully yet softly to my mind and heart: “We did this for you.”

Comment: Wow. Whump. Lay it on thick. Talk about major guilting trip for those who might not believe that. I can believe this, but that’s because I have my own testimonies and experiences with my own dead loved ones.




1873, Joseph F Smith: ZINA YOUNG
Sister Zina Young, Father Graves and a few others are interesting themselves in this industry and are trying to awaken an interest therein in the minds of the industrial classes, that silk may eventually become a staple product of Utah. So far, I fear, they have found it rather uphill work.


1880, John Taylor: ZINA YOUNG
We have a variety of institutions. We have the sisters’ societies. I attended a meeting of one of these a short time before I came here, and set apart Sisters Eliza R. Snow, Zina D. Young, and Elizabeth Ann Whitney. We set some of these same sisters apart in Nauvoo, under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith, about forty years ago; and they are doing a good work, and it is for them and their associates to continue to do right and pursue a proper and correct course. We want the Relief Societies and the Young Mens’ Mutual Improvement Societies to take hold with a hearty good will.

Comment: Why, exactly, did Brigham Young disband the Relief Society? Was he somehow threatened by the power of female virtue and compassion? I remember reading in the Journal of Discourses where he scolded the women for attending the temple too much. What, do we women make the men look bad?




1880, John Taylor: ZINA YOUNG
“We have here our Relief Societies, and they have done a good work. And people are desirous to know something of these organizations. I was in Nauvoo at the time the Relief Society was organized by the Prophet Joseph Smith, and I was present on the occasion. At a late meeting of the Society held in Salt Lake City I was present, and I read from a record called the Book of the Law of the Lord, the minutes of that meeting. At that meeting the Prophet called Sister Emma to be an elect lady. (2 Jn. 1:1, D&C 25:3) That means that she was called to a certain work; and that was in fulfillment of a certain revelation concerning her.”

Comment: Uh, no, she wasn’t called to BE one, she WAS one. I don’t agree.

“She was elected to preside over the Relief Society, and she was ordained to expound the Scriptures. (D&C 25:7 )In compliance with Brother Joseph’s request I set her apart, and also ordained Sister Whitney, wife of Bishop Newel K. Whitney, and Sister Cleveland, wife of Judge Cleveland, to be her counselors. Some of the sisters have thought that these sisters mentioned were, in this ordination, ordained to the priesthood. And for the information of all interested in this subject I will say, it is not the calling of these sisters to hold the Priesthood, only in connection with their husbands, they being one with their husbands.”

Comment: I smell a rat. The same rat that many of us women have been smelling for years. Please define for me what it means to “hold the Priesthood only in connection with our husbands because we are one.” Say what?! Does this merely mean, as the old joke goes, that when I embrace my husband, I am holding the priesthood? Why are women dressed in the robes of the Holy Priesthood if we do not also possess some of the power of it? Of all the things I wish I could change, I wish I could be allowed to administer, with my husband, to our own posterity. Yes, that I could be included in the circle when our child is given a name and a blessing; be one of the witnesses to the baptism; be in the circle when our child is confirmed; and place my hands, with his, on the head of a child – whether ill or well – who requests a blessing. I do not seek office, but I do seek the official authorization to exercise the rights I feel I already posess through the temple initiatory and endowment.

“Sister Emma was elected to expound the Scriptures, (D&C 25:7) and to preside over the Relief Society; then Sisters Whitney and Cleveland were ordained to the same office, and I think Sister Eliza R. Snow to be secretary.”

Comment: Then why aren’t the auxilliary sisters treated with the same deference as men? Why isn’t the stake Relief Society presidency honored sit on the podium at stake conference, for example? I have seen THE WIVES of presiding BRETHREN honored in such a manner, but never the OFFICERS of the priesthood within the Church. This is why the WIVES of the BRETHREN are honored more than the OFFICERS of Primary, Young Women and Relief Society. In my opinion, this is wrong.

“A short time ago I attended a meeting in Salt Lake City, where Sister Snow and Sister Whitney were set apart. I happened to be the only member of the Twelve in town at the time, the other members of the Quorum being unavoidably absent. I went to this meeting and set apart Sister Whitney and Sister Snow who were two of those I set apart some forty years ago, in Nauvoo. And after I had done so, they reminded me of the coincidence. At this meeting, however, Sister Snow was set apart to preside over the Relief Societies in the land of Zion, and Sister Whitney her counselor, with Sister Zina D. Young, her other counselor. I speak of this for the information of the Sisters, although I presume they may have read of it in their paper, The Exponent.”

Comment: A newspaper which the men eventually took away by dissolving it into the Ensign. So, already, obviously, there were witnesses who said otherwise about what happened at the original organization of Relief Society, and John Taylor was using his authority and position to tell them what they remembered and witnesses was wrong. I heard somewhere that when Joseph and Hyrum Smith died, there were some 40,000 Latter-day Saints worldwide, with 12,000 in the United States. Only 4,000 of the 12,000 went to Utah, and did not include the mother or the wife of the founder, Joseph Smith. Does that seem odd to you? It didn’t used to, to me, but now it does.




1983, Barbara B Smith: ZINA D.H. YOUNG
“In the beloved Latter-day Saint hymn “O My Father,” Eliza R. Snow celebrates in words the continuity of family relationships beyond death and reminds us of a glorious reunion with our heavenly parents.
Written as solace to a dear friend, Zina Huntington, who had lost her mother and father in tragic deaths, the well-known lines of this hymn give poetic statement to a great truth revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

By looking closely, we can find in that single incident in Church history some of the gifts God has given to strengthen Latter-day Saint women: revealed truth, priesthood leadership, individual talents, and opportunities for service. These are available to every woman and can give us the power to triumph over the most difficult circumstances and move forward in strength.”



1984, Barbara B Smith: ZINA D.H. YOUNG
I have read how Relief Society observed its fiftieth year with a great gathering of sisters in this Tabernacle.
President Zina D. H. Young addressed the congregation and exclaimed:

O that my words could be heard by all people, not only by you my brethren and sisters in this Tabernacle but that they might be heard and understood by all the people of this continent, and not only this continent, but the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and the islands of the sea.” (Minutes of the Relief Society General board, vol. 1, March 17 1892, p. 225.)

I have come to feel that this may have been more than just a wistful expression of a great former leader. Perhaps it was instead a pleading with the Lord for a time such as this. Let me explain:

When I was a little girl I participated in a program here in the Tabernacle. At that time an impression came to me that I have never forgotten, even though I did not understand it then. I was filled with an awareness that sometime I would stand before a vast congregation of the Church in this building.

I thought this vision of my childhood was realized in the 1974 Relief Society conference when I was sustained as the general president of the Relief Society. But now I feel certain that this is the day I saw. And perhaps because of prayerful people like President Zina Young our voices are heard proclaiming the truths of the gospel to all the world, truths that can be transmitted into the very hearts and minds of people who will listen and try to understand.”

Comment:Wow. So Barbara is telling us now, after the fact, that she knew by personal revelation that she was going to be a bigwig someday. Did that peek behind the veil take away her free agency too much? Would that I  had been given some great revelation, too, to save me from making harmful choices or being deceived or to help me escape abuse, because I , too, knew that I was destined to be a Church Leader.




1995, Aileen H Clyde, ZINA D.H. YOUNG
What does it mean to save souls? Let me give one example of the many I have witnessed as I have visited among you. A South African sister once told me that when her husband died and she was left to rear their six children, she relied on the teachings of the Bible for direction. She often pondered the meaning of Proverbs 13, verse 24, which is interpreted widely as “spare the rod and spoil the child.” When she joined the Church she turned to the Book of Mormon, too, for understanding. There she found mention of another rod, the word of God which leads one along the path to the tree of life. Then she understood that sparing this rod would certainly spoil her children. Thus, she has learned to order her home, to bring the light of the gospel, to save the souls of her children. . .

Sister Mavimbela is saving souls. She is in the same mold as those great women, such as Eliza R. Snow, Phoebe Kimball, and Zina D. H. Young, who began to visit one another in Nauvoo for the purpose of feeding hungry families and shoring up struggling faith in difficult times. This is what Relief Society is for: to make of us women who can nourish body and soul, who can “succor [God’s children] according to their infirmities” (Alma 7:12). This is the work our Savior did, and it is the work to which he called us when he ordered this society under the direction of the priesthood.

Comment: The story about Sister Mavimbela was especially gladdening to me when I heard it. The Spirit had already taught me the same thing, so it came as a welcome second witness. As for the whole, “she’s like the early Nauvoo sisters” commentary, I am happy to know that, around the world, there are women with good hearts. I don’t like being told that the work our MALE Savior did is the main work of the FEMALE society. Isn’t it also the main work of the Shepherds in Isreal? So, why, exactly, this gender divide thing again?



1998, Val R Christensen: ZINA D.H. YOUNG
By looking at a problem in a different way, it may be possible to reduce discouragement. I have been impressed with the pioneer story told about Zina Young. After experiencing the death of parents, crop failure, and sickness, she was encouraged with a spiritual experience that changed her attitude. While attempting to seek divine help, she heard her mother’s voice: “Zina, any sailor can steer on a smooth sea, when rocks appear, sail around them.” A prayer came quickly: “O Father in heaven, help me to be a good sailor, that my heart shall not break on the rocks of grief”

Comment: I know what that feels like, a heart broken on the rocks of grief. It is is yet another reason why I write.



2012, Carole H Stephens: ZINA D.H. YOUNG
After my call to the Relief Society general presidency, I felt a desire to know more about the women who had served before me. I was impressed by the teachings of Sister Zina D. Young, first counselor in the second Relief Society general presidency. She said, “Sisters, it is for us to be wide awake to our duties.

Comment: Um, I think we’re already wide awake. It’s not the sisters that are told to awake and arise. I’m just sayin’….




1973, Joseph Anderson: ZINA (YOUNG) CARD
When Heber J. Grant, who became the seventh president of the Church, was a child playing on the floor in a Relief Society meeting, Eliza R. Snow, who was truly a prophetess, gave him a blessing in tongues, which was interpreted by Sister Zina Y. Card, to the effect that that little boy would someday be an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Comment: I can imagine that if Eliza Snow was dear friends with Zina Huntington, she was also dear friends with her granddaughter, Zina Y Card. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this occasion. When was the last time you ever saw or heard about anybody speaking and interpreting tongues at Church?


1974, S Dilworth Young: ZINA (YOUNG) CARD
Eliza R. Snow, seeing the small son of Rachel Ivins Grant playing on the floor in the home of William C. Staines, prophesied in tongues that he would grow up to become an apostle. Zina D. Young interpreted the prophecy. That small boy was President Heber J. Grant.

Comment:I honestly can’t imagine such an event occuring in the Church today, and if it did, I can’t imagine that it would be believed, coming from presiding women instead of from presiding men. Especially with the added little detail that Eliza was married to Brigham and the two were a united front.




1989, 1992 Thomas S Monson: ZINA YOUNG CARD BROWN
Windows teach lessons never to be forgotten. Ever shall I remember a visit to the home of President Hugh B. Brown. It was graduation day at Brigham Young University. He was to conduct the exercises, and I was to deliver the commencement address. I drove to President Brown’s home and escorted him to my car. Before we could drive away, however, he said to me, “Wait just a few minutes. My wife, Zina, will come to the front window.”

I glanced at the window, noted that the curtain had parted, and saw Zina Brown sitting in her wheelchair, affectionately waving a small, white handkerchief toward the gaze of her smiling husband. President Brown reached into his jacket pocket, retrieved a white handkerchief, and began to wave it gently, much to the delight of his wife. We then inched away from the curb and commenced the journey to Provo.

What is the significance of the white-handkerchief waving?” I asked.

He replied, “Zina and I have followed that custom since we were first married. It is somewhat a symbol between us that all will be well throughout the day until we are again together at eventide.”

That day, I witnessed a window to the heart… Yes, a model to follow, “an example of the believers.” (1 Tim. 4:12)

Comment: I thought the whole white handkerchief waving thing was a very solemn, sacred act. We use it in the Hosannah Shout at temple dedications. I think we also used to do the Hosannah Shout when a new prophet was called, because I think I remember it with Ezra Taft Benson. So I am surprised to see that it was used by the Browns in a manner which seems casual to me. However, according to the Wikipedia article about handkerchiefs, “From the late 18th century white handkerchiefs were waved, generally by women (men usually waved their hats), to demonstrate approval at public events such as processions or political rallies.” I think it is kind of funny, sometimes, how LDS speakers like to holy-ize things. Things like pondering. Ponderize on that one, if you will, dear reader.





ETYMOLOGY according to

ZINA: Short form of ZINAIDA.

Comment: Really? I always thought it was some kind of slang for “Zion-a”

ZINAIDA: Russian form of ZENAIDA.

ZENAIDA: Apparently a Greek derivative of Ζηναις (Zenais), which was derived from the name of the Greek god ZEUS. This was the name of a 1st-century saint who was a doctor with her sister Philonella.

ZEUS: The name of a Greek god, related to the old Indo-European god *Dyeus, from a root meaning “shine” or “sky”. In Greek mythology he was the highest of the gods. After he and his siblings defeated the Titans, Zeus ruled over the earth and humankind from atop Mount Olympus. He had control over the weather and his weapon was a thunderbolt.


User Submissions:
ZINA means “felicity” in Amharic.
ZINA means “star” in Ogoni.
ZINA comes from the Arabic زينة (zīna) meaning “adornment, ornament, decoration”.


(YouTube Video: The Rise of Cronos, the Titan. Battle of Titans vs Olympians. Sounds a lot like a story Lucifer could tell about the War in Heaven.)


Comment: Are you kidding me?!  It means ZEUS?! This is hilarious. If you want to believe some of the conspiracy theories floating around out there – based on ballistics, trajectory and eye-witness evidence – it was John Taylor who shot Hyrum Smith and received three balls, in self-defense for that act from the Prophet Joseph Smith. Furthermore, it was Willard Richards, the cousin of Brigham Young, who killed Joseph Smith, threw his body out of the upper window of the prison so that the “mob violence” story could be told. All three men, Brigham, Willard and John were already practicing polygamists at that date. Recent newspaper editorials show that both Joseph and Hyrum were publicly decrying the practice of polygamy among the higher officers of the Church, and were about to start trials against them. Therefore, in this context of a Brighamite conspiracy, the murders of Joseph and Hyrum could be called the Death of the Titans, couldn’t it? Onward with the reign of Zeus his Olympians! “Shine”… how very Illuminati a meaning that is.

A female saint and doctor, Zenaida, whose sister Philonella was also a doctor? How did that change to midwives be persecuted and hunted down as witches by male allopaths? Could it be that women do so many things better than men, more times that we women even realize it, and the men just can’t handle the truth?





My Jaundiced Commentary

Having made a study of this name I, personally, do not like it, and would not want it assigned to me or any of my daughters. It belongs to the family of Brigham Young. It belongs within those Utah families that named their own in like manner. It doesn’t belong to me or mine.

Now, having completed all 31 days of my investigation, do I really need to say more? It is my opinion that the alleged process of assigning new new names within the LDS Temples using a rotating schedule is flippant to the point of being calloused and is at obvious risk of security breach.

Here are a few suggestions on what could be done to remedy the situation.
1. Let the women themselves choose their own New Name, and computer-encode it at that temple.
2. If this is all really just a play-acting farce… if it’s really only done symbolically, then let’s just go back to using one name for everybody; and having the names match as a couple. Here are a few ideas:
Adam and Eve, or Abraham and Sarah, or Joseph and Emma, or Noah and Naamah.

3. At least have a larger rotating schedule, for heaven’s sakes. Maybe a 3-month one, or a 6-month one.
4. EXAMINE, as I have, the teachings, history, symbolism, possible cultural allusions and actual etymological meaning behind each name as part of the selection  process.
5. Make sure that if you give women a bunch of “Unknowable Nothings” names, that the men also get an equal share of the same type of nearly-anonymous names.
6. Consider having the temple president and matron of each temple select the new names, with the files on this information being retained at that temple only.

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“This is about the long-suffering wives and mothers of the world who stand patiently, eyes cast imploringly heavenward, while the guys roughhouse in the dining room of life. They might have more fun if they joined in, but we all need clean socks, and unfortunately the task often falls to them.

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A woman’s reach is bounded only by what her mind accepts and her heart allows.

– Belle S. Spafford, 9th General Relief Society President.



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