I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Amber Richardson, for having a heart willing enough to work at and not just desire to learn truth. In many ways Bathsheba’s story is my story. It’s time to stop condemning the innocent. It’s time to stop vilifying the matriarchs of scripture. Bathsheba isn’t the only one. Noble Mother Eve is another. As is Mary Magdalene, the close companion of our Savior. The older I get, the more I learn of beautiful stories of courageous women that have never been told. Or at least stressed, discussed, taught, and retaught ad nauseum. Such as: The Maidservant in the Book of Mormon. The 3 Virgins in the Pearl of Great Price. The 5 Virgins in the Old Testament, which many people speculate that Jesus was obliquely referring back to in his parable of the 10 Virgins. Not to mention Jochebed from the Torah, as well! Then there are the accounts from the apocrypha, such as the story of Susanna. It’s time to stop painting women – in and out of the scriptures – with the false brush of endless and eternal blame for sin. Original sin. For that is not our name. Adam knew it was not our name. Our name is Eve, Chava… the breath of LIFE!

On Sovereign Wings

A few years ago I was on the phone with an old friend. We were talking about another friend of ours, a man who was about to be incarcerated for some poor decisions he had made. As we were talking about the case, my friend drew a familiar parallel. “If she hadn’t acted like Bathsheba and seduced him,” he said speaking of the girl involved, “this never would have happened.”

Bathsheba 1
I knew very little about the circumstances surrounding our friend’s arrest, and blessedly I was not his judge. What I did know was that something about that comparison felt incredibly wrong to me. It seared my chest with pain and sank into my stomach like a weighted piece of brimstone.

His implication nagged at me for months. What was it about his analogy that felt so off? Finally, I decided to pay attention to those persistent feelings, and I sat…

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