I believe in herbal medicine. To be more specific, I believe in the School of Natural Healing, which was founded by Dr. John R. Christopher. I discovered him while surfing the web a few years ago. Everything he taught rings true. Other famous herbalists from around the world honor him as the greatest herbalist of his time.

What always strikes me, is that even among my friends who know of Dr. Christopher, none have ever disagreed that what he taught was true. However, not a soul among them have ever gone on and made the personal investment of becoming herbalists themselves. I’ve decided that, rather than standing on the sidelines admiring the man, I’m going to let him teach me. I want to know what he knows. I want to be able to heal as he healed. I want to be a Master Herbalist.

With all the upheaval happening in American health care, I am concerned that the future will be dimmer, not brighter, for the sick and afflicted in our country. There will be health boards, price limits, invasion of privacy issues, and – as long as the economy remains in recession – payment difficulties for patients. I am convinced that people will begin to try and find a way to heal themselves. It would be a blessing and joy to be able to heal my family, and help my friends and neighbors – remaining free and independent in more ways than one. To me, that means becoming a Master Herbalist.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. For me, that first step is to take the first course, and become a Family Herbalist. If any of this agrees with what you’re feeling in your heart, may I suggest that you click the ad just below? You can take the Family Herbalist course at the cheapest price available anywhere. I’ll be studying right along with you. 🙂

UPDATE (3 Jan 2011):  I have successfully completed the Family Herbalist course!  Hooray!  I’m going on now to study Level 200.  Once I complete Level 500, I will be a certified Nutritional Herbologist.