I began this blog as a place to talk about Young Living essential oils, because I was an independent distributor at that time.  Soon after, I began to add my thoughts on the School of Natural Healing. However, over the years, my writings have changed from their original focus on hypothyroidism and health. This blog has now morphed into a conservative LDS commentary on women’s issues and the world at large. I know have some unique philosophies on things; but that is because of what I have experienced in my life. I am keenly aware that I am a nerd and sometimes critic within just about any movement or belief system I am a part of, especially if I find hypocrisy.

My apologies in advance if I surprise, shock or hurt you, but I am a truth seeker and try to be a truth speaker.  I honestly try to be kind. Be informed, however, that I come from a long and royal lineage of opinionated women, and, though, in the past, I tried mightily not to turn into one of those “meanies”, I have now accepted that I am my mother’s daughter.  I have discovered that if I had spoken my truth earlier, more often, more forcefully, without wavering, I could have spared myself and the ones I love most a lot of heartache. The Truth-Speaking Girl-With-A-Brain legacy ain’t stoppin’ with me. I, too, am one of those mothers who know.

In the process of my journey toward true health: physical and spiritual wholeness, I’ve learned a lot and keep on learning more.  It is my hope that this blog will be of help to other seeking individuals and their families.

Aloha and welcome to OilStories!